YAY Friday the 13th :D

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This is my 13th article for this site :O

WELL… I used to believe that Friday the 13th became such a ‘doomed’ day because so many Knight Templar were slayed on that day….that is until Becky Little wrote this article for Natural Geographic https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2016/05/160512-friday-13-knights-templar-superstition/
Meh, I’m still on the fence. How often have you ever heard of anyone being arrested back then, and serving their time and just released? What happened to them after they were released? So that’s just the end of that story? :/
Ok so perhaps it all started because Jesus dined with 12 of his disciples before being crucified on a Friday.

What ever the origin may be, we (Americans) love to be creeped out by this day, and quickly yell it’s ‘Friday the 13th’ whenever any bad luck or some trippy mess goes down.There have been some doosies, including that cyclone that killed so many people.  I am not what you would call superstitious of the day, I do enjoy seeing what events occur and love the night.

The number 13 itself is considered the devil’s number. Many architects refuse to create building with 13 floors.
The fear of the number 13 even has a title, Triskaidekaphobia. Toss that around gathering while socializing :/

As for me I shall enjoy a Friday the 13th marathon! I have kodi 😉