When The Rolling Stones Sang About Leatherface

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It was 1983, and The Rolling Stones delivered their follow up to the hugely successful Tattoo You album. In true fashion, the album was complete 180 full of awful topics such as illegal prostitution (Undercover of the night)…Sexual S&M (Tie you up(the pain of Love)) made rock and roll friendly with the usual Stones magic. For horror fans there should be particular interest was a disco track called Too much Blood which features Horror movie lyrics (“You ever see the Texas Chainsaw massacre…horrible wasn’t it?”) and Mick Jagger goes on a vocal segway features pretty much tells the story the Japanese serial killer Issei Sagwa the Japanese cannibal.

See below…

“He tried to date her in six months and eventually, she said yes.
You know he took her to his apartment, cut off her head.
Put the rest of her body in the refrigerator, ate her piece by piece.
Put her in the refrigerator, put her in the freezer.
And when he ate her and took her bones to the Bois de Boulogne,
by chance a taxi driver noticed him burying the bones.
You don’t believe me? Truth is stranger than fiction.” – referring to Issei Sagawa the Japanese cannibal.

This wasn’t the first time the Stones flirted with dark material, it was well known that Keith Richards and Brian Jones were in a struggle with each other for the famous model and witch Anita Pallenburg which no doubt influenced songs from the late 60’s (Sympathy for the Devil, Jumping Jack Flash, and the sinister Dancing with Mr. D goats head soup (D? Death? Devil? Drugs? Who knows). Keith got the witch model, and Brian ended up dead in a pool from excessive drug use although he had put together an album of magic Sufi trance ceremony connected Master musicians of Joujouka from Morocco which is still popular.

Undercover of the Night is a must for any Rolling Stones fan, although Horror fans may dig the weird subject matter to the traditional Stones musical sound.