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Horror Survival Writing Style Guide

We are looking to add more interesting, funny, or creative articles to our site and if you think you can write a horror related article with either of those then please reach out to us.

Here are our article requirements.

Please use the best grammar and spelling you can. We don’t need it perfect but we do need it readable.

Consider using a good keyword or phrase and repeat it in the article.

Find relative pictures and send them OR send the link to where to find them.


We are a comedy horror blog. So please bring the comedy. IF you need some inspiration please look at cracked.com but do not plagiarize, please. You can do the same type of article on the same subject for sure but just make it your own.

Research your headline too. The headline should make people WANT to click on it to read more.  Yes, “clickbait” headlines do work. For inspiration check out huffingtonpost.com.

“Top 10” lists work well and so do infographics.

When in doubt, just look at some previous articles. Most important… have fun and try to inject a bit of your personality into at least the first paragraph of your stories before rolling into the press release or whatever.

But most importantly you are not bound by these. Just take this part as a suggestion….except for the headline… Please do an awesome job with your headline.


Fictional stories including fan fiction.