Walker Stalker Con Nashville 2018 Review

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WHOA! My very first Walker Stalker Convention!!! MAN what a blast I had! I can not believe I got to go, and to go as press no less :O OMG the art I saw, the cosplay, the Actors, the electricity in the air!!! I was also thrilled to meet some longtime facebook buddies finally! Shout out to Meagan and Mike of https://www.facebook.com/groups/DeadTheZombies  and Oscar of http://oscarsredhat.com/ (future AotM 🙂 )

I was blown away by the celebs, all down to earth good-hearted people. And MAN so much amazing art, and talented artists of every genre (as in canvas, bags, sculptures, tees, badges, coasters, magnets, etc!)  imaginable!!!! I have several interviews lined up with actors and artists I met while there, but I HAD to do a blurt article about my experience at my fist WSC!!!!!


WSC in Nashville colab’d with Heros and Villians. So there were actors from other shows there as well as cosplayers from other stories. One of the other actors was Arrow’s and Dr.Who’s John Barrowman, who did his panel in a sparkly Doctor Who dress!!! My pictures from that panel did not come out good so I have stolen a photo of him in the same dress at a different con from https://www.bleedingcool.com/2017/07/20/john-barrowman-tardis-dress-sdcc/ Check him out 😀


As impressive as John may be however I was floored to set in for Michael Cudlitz’s panel!!! OMG little old me?!?!? How did this happen? :O LOOK HOW CLOSE I WAS!!!


Crazy horrible cramps prevented me from getting in line for a question (they were supposed to come by with the mic for press first but that never happened) but my sidekick, childhood best friend Amy Belt managed to get in some video right at one of the hilarious parts on the panel https://youtu.be/IpFV-sHnnNY

We learned that Michael has a new T.V series coming out soon. This is actually a sitcom and he will be playing a father. What a spin right! Well, of course, he was a father, and husband in TWD but that story was quite grim and tragic. This will be completely different than a story about the ZA. Abe was one of my all-time favorite characters on TWD and Michael did such an incredible job pulling off that character, especially his face and body language while saying such colorful parts. I most certainly will check out the new show, just to see his performance of this new character!

During the panel, a few surprises happened as well. One happened a little too quick for us to react to, and one was in slow-mo (even still my dumbass didn’t think to video it, thank the Lord I had Amy and was taking photos, which all suck!!) The first thing to happen was supposedly Micheal’s biggest fan jumped on the stage shirtless :/ and Josh McDermitt ran up and snatched him (the fan) off the stage :O OMG I hope someone recorded that!! And the next surprise was Jeffery Dean Morgan walked up the side of the full length of the panel (from photo booth to backstage) :O As I mentioned, my photos of this occurrence SUCK, but my lifesaver, Amy recorded it (I’m the idiot you see at the end of the clip taking photos with my phone :/ ) Click here to check it out

Another panel I got to steal some cool photos of was Steven Ogg’s. Look at him without the glorious ‘stache :O 

What is this madness :O Look how different he looks without it. Simon may have been a complete asshole, but Steven is a hoot!

My next HUGE experience was meeting Eugene Clark!!!! Eugene played Big Daddy on  Land of the Dead (Night of the Living Dead’s follow up) Big Daddy was the lead zombie and intelligently evolved. He was my very first zombie love!


I didn’t even know Eugene was going to be there. So imagine what a treat it was for me to meet him, get some of his merch, his autograph, crack him up, and get this HELLA AWESOME photo with him!!

I mean this photo alone is the most amazing Mother’s Day gift I could imagine :O Not to mention all this other awesomeness!!! Eugene did agree to an exclusive interview with us :O so be on the lookout for that!

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article the convention was jam-packed with talented artists. One new one to me is Robin Overton aka The Black and White Guy. I have an interview lined up with him as. I did manage to record a little snippet interview with him https://youtu.be/ZHTH3tBSTPk

Another artist I spied there has been an AotM of mine before. I have a few of his pieces. The incredible artist Scott Spillman! I plan on interviewing again in the near future because he has some new pieces and now has metal work :O









There were even a few Walkers that managed to sneak in!!

It was an incredible experience, and I can not believe I was able to attend! Be on the lookout for them interviews 🙂