Vette City Con 2019

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FINALLY!! I’m able to finish up this 2 month article. Shew. Guys my car broke down, my laptop bit the dust, I dropped and shattered my phone, then killed my boyfriend’s laptop as well. I’m ready to come out as a completely certified country singer!! I had no means of wrapping things up. On the bright side I am well over lvl 100 on Fallout 76 :/ Now, back to the convention that took place in BG Ky………….

I was so honored to have the privilege of covering this con.

I’m a Kentucky girl, so a convention in Bowling Green, Ky (only an hour from my home) had me so excited!! We ( the owner of this site, Cherokee, is here in Kentucky as well) love when there are horror stories to cover here at home! The fact that I got to interview some of my favorite horror actors and actress and meet new horror artists was the mile high meringue on the pie!!! As cons go there were great cos-players, a ton of booths of collectors with the best toys, movies, and comics. As you know I have a serious admiration for horror art, and there was so much eye-candy for me to take in, I was like a kid in a candy store! I asked damn near every single one for an interview, so I have a lot of articles to follow (provided I have working laptop *eyeroll).

The Vette City Con, takes place inside the Corvette Museum. It’s a great spot, many people don’t know about the museum, or the story behind Corvettes. Bowling Green has many historical spots to check out and beautiful parks to explore, a convention is just what the city needs to bring in tourists. The con has been going a few years now, and grows with every year. Like their fb page to stay updated
Conventions are important to several groups, they bring people to an area they may have never considered, they give exposure to artists, they educate fans, and brings us fans of all walks of life together. We enjoy meeting one another and love learning there are young fans, old fans, Star Wars fans, steam punk lovers, comic book junkies, and horror creeps. Whether your rich, poor, boy or girl, black, white, yellow, red, green or purple we are all one big family meeting new cousins at the best family reunion.

Cons have many booths of so much you will want to buy, so save up and eat them ramens LOL. It’s also a great idea to bring a wagon (if for no other reason then coats, and purse) to pack around your great buys!

I had no clue I would ever have the opportunity of meeting such an awesome character actor! These two are as kind as can be. It’s hard to imagine they enjoy ripping into people’s flesh for a living!

Another awesome Walker I met was Dusty Horne who has played as a walker numerous times, including a hero (being killed off by a main character) walker, even taken out by Rick at the carnival no less! Both of these guys are kind and courteous and was kind enough to answer some questions. I will post a separate article of their interview as well.

OH happy day! Me, my little brother TWD Walkers Ben Bladon, and Dusty Horne, and artist Eddie Price

I had the opportunity to meet a couple of Saviors as well. Scott ‘Insane’ Lane and Josh ‘TKO’ Turner.

As I approached and introduced myself I called them Survivors instead. *FacePalm* I guess because I was saying I write for HorrorSurvival. Needless to say it was harsh. So goofy me on purpose messed up their introductions every time coming back to them for the interview I would screw up their names. These two are incredible guys with big hearts! They do a lot for some children charities, Pops for Tots and Autism. Josh has a fb fan page and youtube channel and a great one with his daughter

And Scott’s

I had a blast interviewing these guys, Josh was quiet the character. Since I had messed up their titles the first day,

I promised Josh a jar of pickle. I held my promise and brought him a giant jar the next day. I was able to capture some awesome pickle pix (far better than d pix) including a funny pic of Deadpool taking a pickle from a Savior while dude from Blues Traveler looks on!!!!!

Check out this awesomeness! A Savior offering Deadpool a pickle while dude from Blues Traveler watches!

One of the Saviors, Josh, introduced me to an amazing artist, Eddie Price. He has done a few storyboards for TWD. His story spoke volumes to me, and I will be posting an interview with him as well.


I had the opportunity to met a man that writes comics. His reason for coming out with his own comics is encouraging, and reminds us that there are fan of comics in every nationality. He is a true inspiration. I am looking forwarding to his rise to the public eye, and take pleasure in meeting him at this level.

Another artist I had the pleasure of meeting is B Good. Not only a phenomenal artist of paint, but lyrics as well. He has two cds out. He doesn’t paint on canvas, he paints on masks. Such as Jason’s and Hannibal Lectures. Which makes him even more unique and his art more desirable. Here’s his fan page

I met the couple that runs Raven Cross Haunted Village. The fun village is located in Cave City, another Kentucky jewel with so much for a family to take in. This place offers so much, including a challenge to escape their
Escape Room. Raven Cross has been examined, by a few ghost hunters, how have stayed over night to check the place out. I have all intentions of doing that very thing myself! Hopefully with functioning equipment, and can even do a little fb live!!!! Here’s their fb page

I also had the pleasure to meet the lady that runs Frau Mason’s Oddments, Contrivances, and Miscellany. The name of the establishment alone brings a grin to my face. She’s my kind of artist, doing weird things to doll heads, and other quiet macabre tasks. Frau is also located there in Bowling Green and has so many items to feast your eyes upon. Purchase some of her tombstones, you can tell any and all it is for Halloween. Check her out on fb

I’m getting addicted to cons, and pretty comfy approaching these artists, actors/esses and owners of amazing places!! Be on the look out for me busting through the doors of another real soon 🙂