TWD Season 10 Ep 2 Recap

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OH HEY! Who’s this chic in the van?? Can we get her back story also? What the hell is going on here? She take driving lessons from Lori? What happened for her to wreck? Why did she even leave the van?!? Did she know Alpha? Alpha and Lidia’s past. What happened when they were on their own. ? Drenched in blood, Lydia wearing headset, not looking at what’s going on. Headset gets knocked off, she looks up to see what is going on, screams, shit hits the fan. This is how they get into the hospital, and where they met who will become Beta.
Beta shaving Alpha. Beta questioning Alpha’s decisions. We see the sisters for the first time.
Back to the flashback of when Alpha met Beta. Alpha standing up to Beta even after his threatening manner.
One of the sisters is the mother of the baby they had to leave in the field. She is falling apart. Looking up to the sky ‘head in the clouds’ Sisters arguing, bigger sister stating she should have left little sister behind when she had the chance
Flashback to hospital. Alpha rinsing the blood off of Lydia. *It says I am ‘hear’ on the wall behind them. Walkers load in the hallways. Lydia covers her ear, Alpha takes hands off of ears.
Alpha humming in the hallway. Beta tells her not to. Asks her for her name. Alpha said the dead don’t have a name. Asked Beta how he ended up here, he says he got into a tussle with a dead and ended up inside the hospital. Alpha asks if that is why he wears the mask, he didn’t answer. Beta says he likes the song of the dead.
Back to the sisters and little one staring up in the sky remembering her baby, she starts crying, walkers start coming towards her. Beta kills them off, they keep walking, Beta says you will pay.
Little sister is thrown to ground. About to be killed. Alpha stops it. Beta arguing with Alpha about her choice. Beta saying Alpha stll thinking about Lydia.
Flashback Alpha putting Lydia in a padded room. I believe so she couldn’t hear the walkers. Alpha handing Lydia her bunny. Lydia refusing it, saying she doesn’t want that stupid bunny, she doesn’t want to be scared anymore, she wants to be more like her momma. Alpha saying she hopes she is. Lydia said I love you momma, Alpha says stop calling me that.
Little sister in the hole with Alpha and roots. Alpha makes her remove her mask and kneel. Alpha puts hands to the side of her head and looks like she squeezes, little sister yells and cries. Alpha rubbing her hair and hushing and rocking her slightly as she ends her cry
Other Whisperer females talking to little sister about Hillside. Beta arguing with Alpha. She was wrong for letting little one live.
Flashback. Beta saving Alpha in the hall full of walkers, them teaming up and killing them all. Not just about being able to move with ‘them’ when ‘covered, you must feel what they feel, beta-what do they feel? alpha-nothing. Alpha tries to take off masks, beta stops her, tells her to leave, don’t come back.
Sisters talking while laying on the ground at night time. Little sister asking big sister if she meant what she said earlier about wishing she had left her behind. In the field, an explosion in the sky, whisperers moving, little sister sees walker with baby, loses the rest of her shit, screams, jumps on Alpha, walkers take her out.
Alpha taking big sister mask off, asking her if she regrets what she did. big sister saying she did what she had to do. Alpha saying we are the strongest when we kill the ones we love. Beta asking if Alpha is hurt. Alpha saying she never felt calmer. Beta having a problem with that since they lost more people.
Flashback, Lydia leaving the padded room, covering herself in guts, wandering the halls, saying we are all monsters now
Alpha anointing Gamma. gamma chant. beta wtf ever.
Gamma stating to Beta, you’ve been gone for hours, are you angry with me. Beta stating I feel nothing, asking where Alpha is. Gamma saying she saw her heading to the oak camp.
Lydia heading up the stairs. Alpha awake, following bloody footprints. Lydia opening door to where the walker is, Alpha entering a room calling her name softly. Alpha finding pic of faces scratched out.
Beta finding Alpha.
Flashback to Beta finding Alpha in his side
Beta approaching Alpha at the monument for Lydia. Askign her why, Lydia is gone
Alpha killing Betas walker blast from the past
Alpha admitting that she could not kill Lydia. Beta taking her hand, pulling her to him. Alpha saying they can not know, they can not find out. Stating Lydia is dead to her, she was dead the moment she was born bc she was not like her.
Beta in rage bc Alpha killed walker friend. Lydia stips the fight. Lydia saying I am strong. Alpha saying yes I’m so proud of you but don’t you dare ever leave me again.
Beta I am the end of the world. alpha we are the end of the world. alpha pulls up mask,doesnt show us. tell him to come with them, he says he cant leave him, alpha says he doesnt have to, gives him a bowie knife. beta cuts off friends face. to wear.
beta says he saw smoke


Well I’m not one for villain episodes but I do say this one was freakin’ awesome!

Samantha Morton is a great actress!!! Starts off with Alpha pre Alpha days, poor Lydia I felt sorry for her from day one apparently! Alpha and Beta meet and everything about them is creepy from their first meet to their last creepy chant in the episode. They are a great team from the start taking out walkers in the hospital they take shelter in.

Flash to now and Beta is on a mission collecting walkers along with Gamma and her sister who was forced to give her baby up in season 9. The childless mother is obviously losing it as she stares at the sun and later a walker with a baby carrier. Alpha gives her grace to the mother for her first mistake but her second mistake she was sacrificed by her own sister Gamma to save Alpha! GAMMA GAMMA GAMMA.

Some more creep…. After anointing Gamma third in command they are on the move. .. Beta sees smoke and Alpha sees Carol! Que the stare down we saw at the end of episode 10×1!!!!