TWD Se8Ep9 Honor

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Carry on my wayward Son. There will be peace when you are done. 

This was the most difficult episode for me EVER! We (TWDFamily) got so caught up in the story, in watching him grew into this young man. We forgot that he too could be bitten.

Many of us had these fantasies of Carl taking his father’s place, or what TV Carl would do with the Whisperers. Never in our wildest dreams could we ever believe they would kill off Carl. His departure was the most heart-wrenching.

His message of peace was just as saddening. Last night’s episode we learn that is was not Rick’s vision we were seeing where Rick had a full head and beard of white hair. But Carl’s instead. In his vision, Carl saw Saddiq and Jerry working on a stone wall. We see Eugene back with them (am I the only one upset that Eugene was handing Judith an apple and not a pickle? ) And the very last part of the vision we see even Negan there in their town. Judith running up happily to him as well Negan with a big (not evil) grin on his face, so happy to see the little girl.

Now here, I am wondering, was that Judith’s vision instead? Of her stepping into her brother’s footsteps?  I BAWLED when Carl gave Judith the Sheriff’s hat.

Rick and Michonne taking Carl inside the church were touching too. Carl’s last confession 🙁 And I found the sun beaming through the stained glass symbolic. Carl went out as a hero and did it himself instead of one of his parents having to do it.

Where does this leave this war?

Carl’s speech was about there having to be a better way. Rick is not in a furious rage right now, as he has been in the past when he lost someone close, or when Carl was shot in the eye. I feel the war will change, not meaning that Rick and the team will lay down arms and submit to Negan, but what then? Maybe they work on recruiting the Saviors over to their side? I’m not really sure what will go down. Maybe Rick will still kill Negan.

I do need to touch bases on other characters and scenes in last night mid-season premiere. Carol and Morgan do rescue Ezekiel. Morgan again scary af! Morgan got his hand into a Saviors wound and yanked out a good portion of his intestines! *I yelled ‘Deck the halls with Saviors bowel’! * Do forgive 😉

There was a pause where Morgan was battling his own emotions and what Carol and Ezekiel trying to talk him out of killing Gavin. When they show that Henry had finished him off I could only type nonononono in the group chat of my TWD fan group on fb. A few seconds later, I said ‘Lil Carl. He did not stay where he was supposed to and was way too young to have to put someone down’. Maybe this took place in this episode to say he will take over Carl’s role. Whatever the reason it was so sad to have taken place.

We also see Ezekiel is back to speaking as the King. He still is heartbroken of course but he has gotten back up! Perhaps this means he and the rest of the council will get together and come up with a plan of peace, and a strategy to overcome Negan and his stance. I have so many questions now as to how the show will go!

I do see Chandler will be just fine after the show. His music career is taking off with a BANG!

Have a listen to some of his music. Hold On   Neon Dreams Your Gravity

He is going to do just fine.