TWD Se8Ep16: Wrath

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I damn near had aneurysm over a T.V show last night folks! Just WOW! What a finale!

The beginning scene(Rick walking little Carl down an old gravel road)

Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 16 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

That was so heart wrenching.
I was as uneasy as Siddiq and Rick when Siddiq walked in to feed Gracie. Siddiq put the explanation of Carl’s death in such good wording.
Somebody better get Henry to sign a document of them words!
Jerry isn’t accepting shit LOL. I love Jerry so much. And the King NEEDS him so much!
JEEBUS Morgan. And how did he end up getting Henry in his bullseye? Why were you by the gate Henry?? Humm?
LOL Rick’s attitude! Like ‘well, alright then, let’s proceed’.
Maggie drilling in the fact that them POWs are not with them.
Morgan sometimes ‘worse than what we were’ is what it takes!
The scene taking us into the Theme music was so precious! Michonne holding Rick’s hand as they walked out of the gates.
OH geez, Negan surely you are not talking about ‘that disgusting knot of cheese’ that you put on Dwight’s face!
I was screaming for Eugene to run as soon as Negan handing him Lucille and turned to shoot the practice Rick.

So Negan wants to take Father Gabriel with him on the ride. He named his home ‘The Sanctuary’, and his people ‘The Saviors’……. HA! He wanted to confuse AS he was sending him his own members to be slaughtered!!!
YAY back to Crazy Morgan 😀 ‘You don’t think you can kill your way out of this do ya?’ I mean SHIT
Rick yes it was a trap…..but you feel that one isn’t??
RUN GABE RUN!! Well shit….. Look at Eugene’s hand shaking as he holds the gun to Gabriel. Eugene that vein about to pop. Hey Negan, ‘sometimes you get what you need’.
HOLY HORDE BATMAN!!! That a walking forest!!! My God that was the entire population of Texas as Walkers roaming by!
Why does the gang seem so confused by the whistling? They walked right into that. LOL, I ambushed you ambush with a bigger ambush. HEY Negan why you on a Walkie anyway? The last episode you had to make a scene of smashing one.
Why our team couldn’t get back behind the trees though???
Pew pew in your face :O Yes pun intended since he was trying to kill a Pastor. Gracie, you’re crying like a baby……OH.
Shit Tara, yeah that was a tough call. Morgan just standing there dazed LOL. Jesus said ‘Let’s clean this up now, shall we?’ Of Morgan was all for that. He loves to ‘clear’
WOOOHOOO Oceanside arrived :O
NAW I would not trust Laura(blondie with neck tattoo) for shit!!
Well, these two sure do love to Tango!  You’re bigger but not badder Negan. Who the hell taught Negan how to count seconds???? Negan you do have a soul after all!

I never thought I would see him crying. Especially over another man’s son.
DDDAAAAYYYUUUUMMMM Rick, you are gangster!!! That was one hell of a slick move!

Save him????   Annnnnnddddd here is where I lost my shit 🙁
Maggie’s break down tore me the hell up!!

So I’m the only one wondering why none of the Saviors standing BEHIND our team not being paid any attention at the moment, did not attack????

So Eugene sabotaged the bullets. LOL Rosita punched that verbal trap loose!
FEEEELLLLSSS when Rick stated, ‘My mercy, prevailed over my wrath’
Maggie, it looks like someone is trying to take Glenn’s spot.
WOW, Darryl. Well, WOW Dwight! I didn’t feel like Darryl took him out there to kill him. I wasn’t expecting Dwight to break down and beg for his life though.  But for Darryl to give him the keys to the truck and having to AGAIN walk back to Alexandria after Dwight took his ride!!! Really? It was touching though when Darryl said over his shoulder as he was walking away from Dwight bawling there on the ground, ‘Find her’. Glenn said that to Maggie as he died, and Darryl feels that death is his fault.
AW, so Jadis, oh I mean Anne :/ gets that welcome she wanted after all. And WHAT??? Morgan is moving into the Landfill!
Sherri left Dwight a letter. hmmm.

Maggie is determined to feel Rick was wrong about saving Negan.

AND she is going up against Rick????? And Jesus is for that???? And Darryl is for that?????? OOOO MY GOD!

Negan why did you keep your eyes shut then.  Michonne and Rick are geniuses!!! Now you’re good for something. HA Rick is MAKING Negan bring the peace!
Oh, come on! You have to pull on our heartstrings more?? Rick wrote Carl a letter? My feels!
What a way to end the season!
I’m glad they pulled TWD into Fear with Fear’s premiere. Because I need more!