TWD se8ep12: The Key

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WOW, what an episode!!! I though Negan was a goner for sure! Rick is in Beast Mode!

I do wonder how Negan managed to crawl out of a flipped Dodge Charger, that had tainted blood and guts spewed everywhere,


get up from falling at least two stories, and get hammered with Lucille ON FIRE without a single scratch??? Nothing? And he was covered in Walker gore when he escaped the car, after all the reason he had the bucket in the first place was to turn Rick’s team. So now I am to believe he did not infect himself in all this? Don’t get me wrong, this episode was off the chain, no I should say off the railing!! But come on!

Another occurrence that certainly must be addressed — How can a BLIND Pastor be a better shot than a Sheriff?!?!?

Was it the hair, and sweat in your eyes Rick?? Cheese and rice!!

And to shoot out all your bullets?? That’s what we’re doing now? I did love Rick throwing the ax at Negan though! And Negan breaking the railing and hanging on for dear life!! Before Rick brought that ax down, I yelled ‘OMG Rick is going to take Negan’s hand off instead!!!” That would have been beautiful irony for anyone that reads the comics!  Of course, Negan lets go instead and falls down to the basement.

SHIT was there a pile of mattresses from Alexandria down there??? How did he not gash open something, or break anything??

Rick with Lucille

Rick finding Lucille and setting her on fire and Negan crying for Lucille OMG. I mean and then the building in on fire, of course, and you have Mo, and Curly here punching it out around ‘Eaters’ and fire! How could you stay seated watching this episode!?!

Let’s leave these two lovebirds, to talk about another bromance.  Hum, what are you working at Simon? Last night in our group chat (have I mentioned lately that I run


TWD and zombie groups? Click here to join the TheWalkingDeadHeadsUnite   and Click here to join ZombieSurvivalCamp  in DeadHeads we have group chat during every episode) some were saying Simon was trying to get Dwight on ‘his side’ to go against Negan. I, on the other hand, am not so sure. I was wondering if he was trying to get Dwight to spill the guts, OH do I mean beans? :/  Maybe Simon is actually worried about Negan finding out what he did to the Scavengers and is looking for someone to throw at Negan. I was also thinking that Dwight was going to take out Simon, oh look a naked Walker :O back to our regularly scheduled Z.A battle, but perhaps Dwight has something else up his sleeve. Then I was thinking Rick would bring Negan out of the building as Simon and Dwight were walking up and Negan yells to Dwight to kill Simon bc he took out all of the Scavengers. But why would that be what Negan yells? LOL, wouldn’t he just bash Rick as Rick was distracted by the approach of Simon and Dwight? Silly girl and your fantasies lol.

Moving right along to the ladies. Once again Michonne is the rational voice of wisdom. I mean I do get Maggie’s situation and understand her frantic state. I even understand where Enid is coming from. It is good that Michonne was there to show them a reason.  With that being said, is Georgie Eugene’s momma?

Season 8 episode 12

What is this talk of knowledge in your head woman? Why are you so clean???? Why are you not worried one of these ladies will not take you out???  You want vinyl record???? TF really going on?!?! Is she melting them? hmmm. The book she gives Maggie is incredible though. But here is my question, why had no one from the Hilltop or even the Kingdom think to go into a library themselves and get these types of books? Now that is tragic. Do the twins dress like that to appear tougher? Where the hell did these guys (yeah) come from?? I’m going to lose it if they turn out to be the ones with that helicopter and not Jadis.

OH speaking off Jadis!!! Well hello hello hello!!


Do I hear Alpha coming?I like how Jadis drives LOL.
Even more, I like how she know Negan tf out!! LMAO
LOL, she said ‘shut up’ Ya know she is not much for talking.




Man!! This was one hell of an episode!!!


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