TWD Se8 Ep13 Do Not Send Us Astray

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WOW, more of Morgan’s crazy side. Can’t one of these doctors pass on some loony pills before getting murdered? I do like to horn signaling.
Henry stay young! While we are talking about Henry, someone needs to explain to me that after all of the kids in the past have pulled stunts just like this, WHY tf haven’t the adults caught on yet that the kids always need an eye on them?? AND furthermore, am I the only one that would have picked up ALL guns and weapons laying around and hid them from the boy?

Peggy Sheffield as Dana, Avi Nash as Saddiq – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 13 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

SHIT Peggy, what is your deal?Where is that perfect ZA surgeon suppose to come from??That’s right Saddiq do not take any shit off of her.

So Simon is still among the living? LOL Simon threw all them prisoners under the bus. He doesn’t care about a single one.  Suddenly everyone shots as bad as Rick? OH except Michonne I see. DAMMIT, there goes Tobin!!! Crap I wanted Carol to go back to him and have a healthy relationship dammit!

Ok so Maggie and them were smart enough to have the Survivors walk up to the house in the dark……why couldn’t they dig a trench for them to fall in? What good is that frontend?

HELL apparently Jerry is really good at digging graves, why not him and the prisoners dig a trench?The Saviors would have fallen in and been fish in a barrel. HOW did the Saviors get away Maggie and Rick??? How is Michonne (who we all know can not shot that well) suddenly a better shooter, AND can take them slabs off the window without an ax Rick? WTF
Maggie, you gonna keep on and that graveyard will take up more room than your garden!

Well, so Tara had a turn around over Dwight huh? And Daryl spoke the most he has ever spoken!

Well….at least Carol got to apologize to Tobin and close that chapter. She admitted to starting to have feeling for Tobin.
Did anyone else catch that Carol was walking Henry back into the house right when Saddiq was approaching Rick to talk to him??
Speaking of Saddiq I love this boy’s backbone. He tried to comfort Rick where most people would be standoffish, feeling guilty that they were the reason his son was not with them anymore.

Ok so now we have the wounded turning into Walkers here in the house. Just peachy!! I am starting to wonder, seeing as how Abe did not die from that slash Sasha gave him after stabbing Walkers, does the Walker blood only kill and turn those with weaker immune systems maybe? Everyone at Hilltop at malnourished so they immune system would not be as strong. OR perhaps if had to be a deeper wound?!? Hell, maybe Abe did not turn because he was too honery! Or maybe it was all that liqueur he drunk? LOL, he had enough alcohol in his blood to kill the virus. Or perhaps the virus has to be older, more advanced? Them Walkers the team encountered on the road while they were looking for a new settlement may have been brand new Walkers.

ALSO, tell me how NO ONE woke up while these Walkers were moaning and shuffling around? HELL, that one fell down the stairs to the floor where about 20 Hilltoppers were lying there sleeping. Really?? I mean, I know you sleep harder when you are exhausted but shit!!

OH Henry Henry Henry! You should have watched the first few seasons of TWD.
Ya would have seen Carl playing around with that Walker stuck in the mud, and caused Dale to get killed. Silly lil boy.
OH so now we’re awake huh. Bye Peggy. Why was there no one on guard inside the house? I mean shouldn’t someone had been up to tend to the wounded? Like check temperature, give them water, etc?
Henry you sure you can count to 10? That’s a pretty big number kid. Well, who did not see that coming?? So now the prisoners have a gun YAY.

Carol puts down Tobin. That’s her second lover to put down.
I have a feeling she will be bothered by that one in the days to come.

Who believes the prisoners that are roaming around are sticking around to help? Who believes they have stuck around to take over The Hilltop. I’m leaning more towards the latter.

Morgan you know what it is :/