TWD Se08,E15-Worth

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WOW a lot happened in this episode!!!!

OH I was like Rick more than I was even aware of! I was not ready for the letter Carl wrote to his dad AT ALL.

Right in the feels.  I loved the scenes down below as he read the letter. Neither one of those children shown had either one of their real parents alive. Yet, both are so loved, both taken care of by the community. And speaking of the community we also see so many working together on the wall, we see guards taking turns on watch, and in a caring way, not as a forced duty. We also see Saadiq stepping out of the infirmary after a long night, and taking in the sunlight. Carl’s death was certainly not in vain.

WHOA, Michonne what are you doing?
WOW, I thought that Gregory was dreaming. When did he become brassy? Where did he get ‘the juice’?
Why didn’t Simon kill him? JEEBUS why will no one kill this asshole?????

You have to give it to Aaron. He certainly is stubborn!

YUM sardines, mac and cheese!! Delish! Meals like that and you’re short on production? How so? OH, poor Gabe. My heart! This is a tragedy tenfold.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan, Austin Amelio as Dwight – The Walking Dead _ Season 8, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

I have to stop here and ask WTF is up with all this blue?? Pretty much everyone was wearing a different shade. Eugene’s lab coat, and his bowl of goop, Gabe’s mask, Dwight’s plaid shirt, the Walker crawling toward Aaron in the mud even had on this really bright blue top. Rosita and Darryl are also wearing blue!




DAMMIT, Negan is such a tease!! I mean what a pull-up and let down when he did not take Simon out right there in the meeting room. He sure does love the game ‘Cat and mouse’!!! He’s playing with Dwight too much too.

Eugene you make me sick….. oh well damn. Love Rosita’s speech!! Not so much her’s or Daryl’s ability to keep hold of a situation.

What happened to the intercoms Eugene installed? Were the seconds in command not informed of them? Is the power still out? I would dare not plan shit like that out load regardless!

HOW tf did Eugene get covered in ash that quick?? :/
Aaron isn’t doing too good. He malnourished and weak. Looks more blue.
Well if you were impressed with Rosita’s speech, what did ya think of Aaron’s? Did he just die???

OH HO HO!!! You didn’t see that coming Simon? I shouted, ‘I knew it!’ when Negan started whistling. I loved that countdown. Who is that young boy sniper? A fist fight? MEH. He deserved a brutal tragic ending, not a weak, we’re not even going to show you his, horse piss! What the shit!?! And Simon throwing punches from across the circle??? What the shit???
Dwight WTF are you doing?????? Holy Hell he is trusting Gregory to get the map to Rick???

Well, I am shocked to see Gregory went back to the Hilltop. Then again maybe Negan whispered in Gregory’s ear also.
OH, congrats on the promotion ‘D’!! OOOOH, Laura was the one Negan found and picked up. Imagine that. OH damn, the map!!!!! Well, you are his right-hand man. Dwight fell right into that trap. How the hell does Simon get an easy kill but Dwight must suffer so damn much!!!

Now great, Eugene made it back to the bullet factory. OH ya gonna get all them bullets done tonight huh. LMAO. Eugene quoted Rosita, I’m done!! Simon makes an awesome walker!!!!
Michonne is so damn wise!! That was a genius of how to deliver Carl’s letter to Negan.

Negan took it well huh. Negan and Rick are both being asses in this situation.

Did you guys catch in the sneak peek the announcer say the end of the war?!?! Also, BOOM Dwight was in the A outfit. A for Alpha!!!!