TWD S8E10: The Lost and the Plunderers

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Line up for the Chili……..oh no,wait….what?!?

Man! I tell ya them Scavengers are really on the grind huh!

Simon finally gave us light on that helicopter though. And what are they doing with solar panels anyway? What’s going on under those heaps? A cat may have had a hold of Jadis’s tongue until this point (I don’t if it was sculpted one or a blue paint one) but Simon sure did figure out how to loosen it!! Jadis spoke to Rick and Michonne more than she has ever spoken in all episodes combined! Rick giving her a dose of her own medicine and leaving her there to ‘fend for herself created a monster. Is this the birth of Alpha??? MAN her solution to being surrounded by Scavenger Walkers was genius. HOWEVER sitting there watching them all get shredded was crazy! That just made the fact that those were her people, her loved ones even worse, making it stick in her head worse, causing her reaction to be far beyond sick.

Back to Simon, he was beyond irate.  His actions do have me wondering exactly how Negan will handle all of this? If he finds out what Simon did at the Junkyard AFTER he finds out about Dean, maybe Negan will save him? Negan is running out of Lieutenants. I saw in the next episodes premiere that Eugene is getting promoted and getting his own outpost, the smelting factory. However Eugene does not have the pickles, I mean the balls to lead. I am wondering if that is how Negan finds out that the Junkyard a Ghost town. Negan not finding out until Eugene goes there for some metal. Will Dwight take Simon’s place? Oh that would make one hell of a storyline!

Negan isn’t in his ‘Happy place’ right now, that’s for sure. He is losing the Saviors left and right. Now Rick has told him that Carl is dead. Negan really admired the kid. Comic Negan would have lost it! *Father Gabriel escaped, *Maggie sent one of his ‘Second-In-Command’ back to him in the coffin he had Sasha in, with one hell of a warning, *He doesn’t know who remains standing (like Dwight, and those in charge of those guns), and *Simon isn’t liking how Negan said to handle the Scavengers.

Well, Enid wasn’t executed after all! She stepped up, and her words hit home. Cyndi does have a heart. Now I’m really curious as to what will happen to Aaron. Only Aaron would be able to approach her away from the rest of the Oceansiders. Remember he was able to trail Rick and his team for many weeks before coming out to talk to Sasha and Maggie. However, that one little shit may be able to sneak up on the one sneaking up :/ Also there’s only so much even Cyndi will stand before she comes unleashed. She just lost her grandmother! HELL don’t they already have Heath locked up somewhere? Where the hell did he go??? Will Maggie raise Grace if Aaron doesn’t return?

Rick is beside himself! Carl’s note to Negan really ht him. Now he’s at a crossroad as to which way to go. Seems like the only way to be at peace with Negan is to bow down to him. Rick isn’t about to do that. And Negan isn’t about to bow down to Rick.

So where does that leave them? Right now Rick is far calmer than the times that Carl was wounded (Otis shooting him, the Claimers trying to ‘Claim’ him, his damn eye being shot out).But he only has murdering Negan on the mind, not coming to peace with him. Wouldn’t matter if they both shook on it, each would always sleep with one eye open and looking behind them, wondering when the other would attack.

This damn episode left me with too many questions lol.