TWD Returns (Se8Ep9) Trailer

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Alright folks, I am going to break down some of the new trailers for the return of TWD, and the next 8 episodes.

Few the TWD Returns trailer below.

*The beginning of this trailer we see Rick and Michonne walking Carl into one of the houses that is not on fire in Alexandria. To me, that’s good for two reasons:  A) Carl does not perish in the freaking sewers for crying out loud, and B) Carl will be in at one more episode!

*Then we see Rick alone. He has been crying. He is in a field, not sure where. In his left hand is a piece of paper. I am assuming it is the letter from Carl to him (remember Carl sat on a floor in one of the houses and was writing a letter to his Dad at the beginning of episode 8)

*Next we see Daryl heading into a swampy area. Who is this man sitting behind him? Are these Walkers coming up out of the murky water, or Whisperers? We have seen Walkers with incrustation and seaweed on them before (Oceanside) these are similar from the glimpse we get, instead of seaweed we have algae. But when you pause as the walkers are coming out of the water, the one closest to the camera does appear to be wearing a face as a mask.

*The crew heads to the Hilltop. All of them, together again! What is this sad on Carol’s face for? Why does Daryl put his arm around her for comfort? Did Carl pass away, or is she finding out about Ezekiel being taken?

*Is that bald head who’s hoarding Walkers to some area Father Gabriel ?

*We see Michonne and Rick climbing a trash pile, probably working their way in, or out of the landfill. Pause and look closely at the Walkers coming at them. Those are the Scavengers! Later in the trailer, we see Simon taking aim at one while he is talking to Jadis. My guess is he killed them all as punishment. We also see Jadis sitting on a heap, crying.

*Ezekiel has been taken. But I see he is not completely broken. He is sitting upright and is speaking firmly.

*Negan drills someone :/ They slide a coffin on to the table and Negan takes a drill gun to the head of whoever lucky sonofadick is inside.

*Carol and Morgan have gone off together. I imagine to rescue Ezekiel.

*We hear Rick once again say, “They have weapons, people.”

*HOLY MOLY! Did anyone else see Gabe’s bloodshot eyes? :O Looks like he has some fight left in him. He has turned into one tough cookie!

He is determined to be of good services, to redeem himself. I did not see the doctor behind him or with him in any of the clips though. Maybe Gabriel told the doc to stay put as he clears the path?

*At the end we see Carl facing the sun. We hear him saying, ‘Before mom died, she told me I would beat this world.’ He has a small smile on his face. Then we hear Rick say, ‘You will.’ as he turns around damn near 180, maybe he heard someone and not sure what direction?

We will find out in two more weeks DeadHeads 🙂

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