TWD RETURNS!! Recap of first 2 episodes

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Well our wait was finally over huh. I had mixed emotions going in. On one hand, I am not ready for Rick to die, on the other the new season always takes too long to come around, and any Walking Dead is a good thing. Excuse thaaang. As always, I hosted a group chat in my facebook group for TWD fans. Click here to have a look and join if you like.
We all scream at the T.V., cheer on our favorite characters, cry and laugh. You might as well be joined with like-minded people.

I have started my recap from the notes I take. That way too not leave out anything, and the article will follow the storyline of that particular episode. So here we go:
AWWWW Judith is talking and painting! They first show she painted a picture of her and Carl and it will stab you right in your feels.  She bonding great with Michonne, I know that tugs on Rick’s heartstring immensely. Judith’s painting her daddy with a big belly and grumpy face got a laugh out of Michonne. Which is one hell of an accomplishment. This the look we are used to 

OH look at all the Ravens. Hummm I wonder how ominous that is. Certainly not a good sign for the corn! MAN, speaking of the corn yall doing a lot with that dying corn! Eugene is pretty damn handy to have around! I wonder if he pickled any of those good ears of ear?

Damn Jesus what a kick!!! Damn Aaron what a beard! Is this a competition now?

LOL Jerry calling Daryl dude. Man, I say Jerry for President! If Rick dies, Jerry takes over!!!

These Walkers in DC look like average businessmen on his way to work. I’m glad to see DC hasn’t changed a bit LOL

OH EM GEE THE NEW OPENING!!!! I looooooove it!!!!

Oh gross, that receptionist lost a fingernail just then. She was only trying to give y’all a brochure damn!

Gabe looks like a mannequin in this museum

So the stone railing just gonna give way to that Walker huh?


All these sheets thrown over shit reminds me of Beetlejuice.
‘Those are designer sheets, my mom is going to be pissed!’

YAY Walker spiders! Was that a damn Mummy? Well, we went from Bettlejuice to Indiana Jones!

Gabe cracked me up with his edit to the evolution of man. Of course, Ann (the artist) would love it

Sooooo…..  Y’all came here for seeds? Stores would still have seeds. Every damn farm y’all past would have a ton of seeds stored! And heirloom at that! wtf And this whole mess of them needing this equipment as a model? Where’s the Polaroid? PLUS No one could figure out to pulley that shit over the railing????

Welp, Ezekiel coming in like a wrecking ball y’all. I busted out singing that when he fell through LOL.

Awww we see Car’ekiel kiss for the first time (I mean obviously not their first kiss, I’m saying we are seeing them as a couple for the first time) Carol and Ezekiel sitting in a tree….actually that would have been safer than that glass floor

As the scene changes to them leaving DC, we see the place doesn’t look any different LOL

Awesome that they have a route system in place now.

Did Daryl just harpoon a walker? Flipping awesome dude.

OMG Ezekiel purposed!!!! And Carol just gonna stomp on him like that? It will snag on everything? GURL PLEASE.

They are dealing with a big storm too. Was it part of the tornado the crew of Fear experienced? That would give us an idea on timing and how close Morgan is to them now.

So no we are going to cry about not being able to get the wagon through the mud? Y’all brand new huh? The horses need a rest? Y’all want some cheese to go with that whine?? It’s not like you guys have been through a lot of shit in the past 3 years.

Hey, why did Daryl slice that walkers throat before a stab to the head?

Ken died from the horse kick, not the walker bite, a bone could have broke and punctured anything. Maggie took it so hard, I hope we get his backstory. Why did Enid teared up like that, was something blooming between the two?

OMG Brett is Ken’s momma :O This is going to be awesome!
She speaks a lot of truth!


Awww, Maggie’s new buddy singing for Ken’s funeral. Are they drinking Jimbo’s Brewbo?

So Daryl is running the Sanctuary? :O Aw SHIT  that writing on the wall! It that a hint to rioting? hey, writing rioting! LOL. Sounds like Justin is the guilty party.

Damn Gregory, you are such a snake. You conniving bastard! What the hell would you know about fundamental decency??? Everything out of his mouth is bullshit.

So Daryl doesn’t want the duty. Yeah, I don’t see him as a boss anywhere, let alone a place that holds such bad memories for him. I say it’s the end of The Sanctuary anyway! The place is too big, and can’t grow shit there. Rick is insisting on giving out way too much to keep this hellhole going. Daryl refusing to go back to Alexandria was surely a blow to Rick. Daryl is saying he sees Maggie as a better leader. But I also remember Daryl never liked Alexandria. The houses were too shiny.

Damn Gregory that is some low shit! He is using the lose of Earl, and Tammy’s son to get people on his side. Now he brings out the booze no less.

Awwww Daryl and Carol moment. He is still her pookie <3 Daryl said ‘does he snore fancy too?’ LOL  Carol offers to take over the Sanctuary. Good deal!

Well here is more of Gregory conniving ass. And he just gave the recovering alcoholic gin!

The famous Rick Grimes 🙂 MAN Michonne has incredible skin, look at that glow! Michonne is so smart! She needs to be in charge! The ‘by example’ is a wise idea.

Annnnnnd here is more slithering from the snake. You had to bring Glenn into this? You low bastard. Of course, Maggie is going to rush over to Glenn’s grave to see what happened! Maggie, why didn’t you see that coming? OMG, they knocked over the baby! You bastard! HA Gregory tried to take down Maggie! Boy Bye! WHHHYYYY didn’t you just kill him??

Awww the poor King is losing his fair lady 🙁 For a while anyway.

Wow, the hilltop has an impressive garden going!!!! Look at baby Hershel!  Aw-Oh Maggie is putting her foot down. There isn’t a good enough reason to support the Sanctuary so much. FINALLY ding dong the Gregory is gone! Shit, the kids saw though!

Ep 2- IT’S CAROL!!! I am going out of order for this episode and shouting CAROL CAROL CAROL! Carol is the one behind the missing Saviors! AND that was Carol that snatched Justin right there at the end of the episode. Remember Carol killed Karen and whoever the other person was I can not remember now. Carol was also sneakingly teaching the kids at the prison how to use a hunting knife to defend themselves. Carol was playing Betty Crocker at Alexandria (and telling the others they should play sweet until they knew those people)and Hillside. And Carol arguing with Justin in the tent was way too ‘off’.

Now let’s hop into the play by play:
This smirk on Rick’s face as he sits there bragging to Negan. Ok, so Rick tells Negan ‘Today was day number 35’ He was not talking about the number of days Negan has been locked up, we had already found out in the premiere that 15-18 months had passed. It has been 35 days of restoring the bridge, and the gap between each settlement, Day 35 of The New World Order.

This camp by the bridge of mixed communities.
Laura and short hat haired girl?

Henry ain’t got time to be telling his grandkids about a bridge. Without the bridge, there would be no trade-Ezekiel
Henry kisses Carol when she said hey are you forgetting something? Ezekiel joking that Henry will be off to college before you know it.

Eugene noticing a workers missing fingers, from him fixing their guns to blow up

Enid helping Sadiid in the infirmary.

Michonne visits Hillside to convince Maggie unto more food supplies. hillside’s ethanol never made it from the sanctuary. No fuel, no plowing. Blacksmith (Earl)still in jail (been a little over a month). Maggie standing firm, telling Michonne that they have enough food to get them through to next harvest

Aaron telling Daryl about Grace. Telling Daryl he would make a great dad

Justin pushing Henry down and takes over the jug of water.
Henry gets right back up and knocks Justin down with his stick and awesome skills.

So a Savior pokes fun of Justin for having a kid kick his ass,
poking the fire.
Justin goes after Henry and Daryl goes after Justin.
A fight breaks out. Daryl knocking Justin down, Justing grabbing a fist full of sand to blind Daryl. I don’t know why anyone would bother, as swollen as his eyes are already and that grease hair.



Eugene discussing rations. Making gazpacho out of ketchup
Rick telling Daryl too many Saviors have ended up missing, they need as many of them to get the bridge finished. Daryl asked if they are on the same side. Daryl has a great point, sorry not sorry. Rick is delusional for trying to keep up the Sanctuary on top of it all. Carol tells Rick he should talk to Daryl.

Tammy arguing with Jesus over getting to see her husband. She pulls a stool up to sit that at the cellar door until she can see her husband. Michonne talks to Jesus about coaching Maggie until letting Tammy see Earl. And bringing up the fact that a commonwealth (common laws) needs to be developed.

Ann sketches the organist for Gabe. Ann tells Father Gabriel that she draws for them to feel a part of the group. Ann rubbing on Gabe’s hand, Gabe not immediately withdrawing hummmmm. Ann’s painted all of Maggie’s family, the painting of Glenn looking a lot like it was after Negan took Lucille to him. Why does Hershel look more like Doc from Z-Nation? Jesus and Maggie talking about Georgie, and Maggie still not interested in joining.   Maggie decides to let Tammy see Earl. DAMN why is there no railing to the cellar stairs?!? Maggie softens hearing the two.

Rosita and Arat blasting dynamite to get horde going another direction. What a pair!

Earl telling Maggie about his history with drinking. Earl explaining how he was driving drunk one time with their boy Kenny as a baby. The babysitter did not want to give Kenny to him but he snatches him up. Earl called Tammy from the side of the road drunk. Tammy stayed with him, to his surprise. Earl was never even tempted to take another drink until Gregory connived him into it.

Tara’s Tower, lol they’re using a crane as a look-out. Rick’s handle Mother Goose, her’s Eye in the Sky. Tara’s light-heartedness is much needed in these times! OH nice boat dock! Jerry is Piper One (he in charge of the storm horn) Horde called Horatio. Alden tells Rick they can not figure out what happened to the missing people from the Sanctuary. He feels something is amuck because some even had new families and they would not have just left them.  Piper Two siren is not going off, so the horde is headed right for our boys. Oh look it’s Jack and Jill coming up the hill. Dammit Aaron! Daryl pulling off some badass moves with the two knives. Here comes the cavalry. Damn Rick, you is scary…with the ax. Rick comes up with some serious badass ways to take down some walkers.

That was disgusting. OH SHIT Enid is the only doctor on site.
Aaron said ‘wha-aht?’
OMG, you can chop you have to saw Enid?

Huuuummmmm Justin was Piper 2? Your solar powered walkie was not charged huh. Justin gets more of Daryl’s ass whupping.

Michonne telling Maggie what an amazing job she has done with Hillside. Maggie releases Earl and has Jesus load up food to help. Maggie tells Michonne her dad drunk, and turned his life around and was redeemed, just like Earl can.

Justin telling Rick to keep his dog on his leash. Rick getting in his face, letting him know he knows his kind way too well. Damn Rick you getting mighty close, you ready to bite a neck?

Enid did an impressive job. Daryl by Aarons bedside. Aaron telling Rick it is all fine bc he believes in Rick and is thankful for the achievements they have accomplished so far

Gabe and Ann sitting in woods, frogging :O Ann asking about the organist, if they were lovers. Gabe says they never hooked up bc he was afraid, then it was too late. Ann saying I thought priests were celibate, Gabe broke out in the big smile quickly saying I’m an Episcopalian. That’s all Ann needed to hear to advance even bolder this time. ‘Is that a frog in your pocket Priest?’ So Ann and Gabe tell it to the frogs :O

Carol at least takes the ring. But still ruins it. ‘Zeke wants a fairy tale moment. And Carol is not having none of it.

Back to Rick telling Negan about the day. They came together, only a handful rebelled. Risk asked ‘don’t you ever get tired of acting like you are still in charge?’ Negan didn’t miss a beat ‘do you?’ Negan spoke a lot of truth. Negan said Rick is just getting the world ready for him.

Ann made a frog sculpture. Up in the tower on watch, she sees the helicopter and the look on her face.

Justin drinking while leaving out on his own. He runs across someone hiding in the bushes beside the road. He knows who they are, and while asking them what the hell they were thinking the mysterious person snatches him up