TWD Returns :D

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A He Said/She Said

Tammie: HELLELUYUR TWD is back darlings!!

Water: We’ve started back at the ocean. Oh WOW the opening! The walker with a huge trunk of deadwood right through his abdominal! What a sight. Judith took him out with such professionalism. The march on the beach was incredible! That unity! It touched my heart to see them come together and work so well as a group. But why did they needed inside this boat to begin with? Were there some components they need for another boat? Were there other supplies on the boat? OMG the beached boat, and the waterlogged walkers look AMAZING!! They did such an incredible job. And WOW! how smooth our walker killers have become, and many learning to use different weapons. I loved to see the preferred weapons of the newer cast, seeing some cast members we haven’t seen before.

Check out the development of this new and bigger Oceanside. It’s so odd to see men in the settlement now. OH, a romance for Jules and Luke! I’m excited about this one especially. This will not only mean the newest members clicking more with Oceanside, but this could possibly mean more babies. 🙂 Which brings me to seeing all the kids getting to play together there in Oceanside. We get a better look at RJ, and hear more of him speak. I did enjoy the break-down, how each community reacts to hearing a walker mask washed up on shore, then later the reactions to the explosion in the sky.

Well, now it’s Aaron’s and Michonne’s turn to have differences in opinions. Aaron is at a breaking point, and Michonne rationally thinking once again. The fight scene on the bridge though! Aaron is a one arm bad-ass! Of course, Michonne did not want to approach the walkers on the bridge, she lost Rick on a bridge.

Judith makes such an awesome big sister. Her story about their father being a hero was so sweet and Michonne’s teary reaction did me in! Then BOOM the explosion in the sky. Judith asking if meteor shower. She hasn’t had much if any education on satellites, and at this point, none knows exactly what it is.

Oh geez! Negan and some bird wisdom :/

Father Gabriel’s reaction to the washed-up mask was to lock up all gates, put more on guard and to call a meeting.

Eugene’s role in the baby’s life is comical and typical of Eugene. I understand him wanting to do so much for the baby and playing as big a role as possible in her life.

Lydia is in class with the children because her mother didn’t bother with any schooling. She learning to read and irritated at her progress. She’s being too hard on herself. When Gabe and the crew come into the classroom and tell the teacher all must leave, we get to see Lydia take out her frustrations out by practicing martial art. Negan noting her frustration and coaxing info out of her about the big meeting.

Saddiq gets to enjoy some time with his daughter. He having a bad time with PTSD and suffering flashbacks, dizzy, sweating. He didn’t even hear someone come in. LORT Donte is crazy! He’s pretending Saddiq has a thing for him and calling them gods bc they are the medics.
Back to the explosion and this crew’s response. Eugene panic-running, getting a hold of Oceanside, telling them about dire communications emergency.

Back to Oceanside. Kelly did not hear the warning about behind her. Connie pulls her to the side to talk to her. Kelly is breaking down because she’s losing her hearing. She is scared she will not be able to protect sister now, Connie assuring her everything will be alright, they are strong and fierce. Kel teases Connie about Daryl. I would love to see a romance blossom between Daryl and Connie, I’m definitely aboard that shipping. Now on to the King and Daryl talking bird shit. Welp! Daryl is learning asl. HUM, even more of this new bond. As we see Carol’s boat coming to shore we see a light in Ezekiel’s eyes. Carol not so much, and that crushes him. Carol telling Daryl of the hardship on the ocean. Daryl asks if she was ‘looking for her’ (Alpha). Daryl offering to take Carol to Michonne’s group that is out looking for Alpha, Carol declining. Carol on Daryl’s bike, just as we saw Rick in the past. Carol telling him to go faster.

WOW they did an amazing CG job with this dear! Daryl stoping Carol, from going after the dear because it is on Alpha’s side. Normally it would be the other way around. Carol used to be the calm rational one, and Daryl the grunt, the action first, thoughts later. Carol snaps about bending to Alphas rules. Daryl calls Carol his best friends, and Carol gives him hell about it, a moment of silence, then her saying she could make a matching collar for Dog. Daryl saying they were surviving one fight after the next, Carol saying it was like that for them before all of this. Daryl did confirm Maggie is with Georgie. Carol offering to run off together. If not on the boat, then on the bike. To New Mexico. Daryl made Carol a bracelet.

Earth/Explosion. The satellite crashes in the woods. Which also leads me to fire. Now that the satellite has crashed to the ground it has caused the woods it crashed into to become inflamed. And back to the water, as members of Oceanside rush to put out the flames.

We see many of the crew arguing among themselves whether or not to go in and put it out. They are chopping the ground to make a border while others water the flames. Fighting fire the fire into wee hours of the morning. Jerry worried about the king, as usual. The formation in the woods not as smooth as was on the beach, but they did not have as much time to prepare. Here we have some awesome camera angles during the fight. Carol once again being a badass and using walker blood to put out the fire! Daryl had to outdo her and throws an ax at a tree on fire, knocking the burning tree onto a group of walkers, trapping them. Now onto some slow-motion scenes which were incredible!!
Eugene disassembling the satellite. Michonne and him arguing. Eugene saying there valuable tech. Michonne directs members with no effort at all. She is a natural leader. LOL at “Eugenis”

Back to Daryl and Carol. Here at a dried river.All earth no water :/
Daryl asking Carol to stay. Daryl threatening to punch holes in all the boats. Carol starting to walk away and sees something. it is Alpha. OH that look on Carol’s face. We see Alpha enjoying the breeze, with a grin on her face. Alpha opens her eyes, looks up and sees Carol. Again Carol’s look, like ‘so bitch?’ Alpha’s hands on her hips. Shit’s on now, and I could not be more thrilled 🙂

Well, The Walking Dead is back and packing a punch!!!! Season 10 premiere is bigger than ever dealing with the aftermath of Alpha and her whisperers. The premier opens with our survivors training an army which was epic in its own right!!!! Will they be ready next time the whisperers decide to wreak havoc on our group?! Que Judith dumping out some seashells accompanied by a whisperer mask! Are they back? While they deal with the paranoia and PTSD we think what else can they throw at our survivors!?! A satellite. As it comes plummeting to earth and into Alphas borders lines will be crossed. At the end of the episode, we get the great Samantha Morton (Alpha) and Melissa McBride (Carol) staredown!!! Alpha knows and she is NOT happy. I’m loving the premier and very excited for season 10!!!! Looks promising with special effects out of this world and great acting this season!!! I give the premiere a solid 9!!! Had me at the first scene in space to the last bone-chilling staredown!!!