They Live in Poppy

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In the classic John Carpenter film ‘They Live’ space aliens have taken over with hypno suggestions to lull the masses into a false reality. All the while, people think everything is normal whereas in reality aliens are enslaving the masses with a small group willing to sell out humanity in exchange for a lifestyle of freedom and leisure. The aliens can only be seen with a special pair of sunglasses that removes the hypnotic spell.

Carpenter has said his movie was a send-up of the big 80’s and the avarice dressed up in space aliens. Others, including main actor Rowdy Roddy Piper, have hinted that it’s not fiction at all, and is a documentary of awful forces hiding in plain sight. Could humanity be under the grip of creatures that come disguised as pleasant things?

Enter Poppy. An enigmatic internet sensation pop singer that may or may not be a satire of pop singers, and the sinister puppet masters behind them. Her music is simple techno pop, and Poppy is a blonde singer cut out of the Britney Spears bubblegum era. She sings about friendship, fun, and things of interest in her targeted pre-teen audience. Like the movie ‘They Live’ we are given subtle clues that not all is well in the Poppy universe. She seems remote, robotic, and detached when she is not performing. Eerie symbols and motifs begin to appear in her music videos. She is not human acting in her video performances, rather like a mechanical puppet that has a preprogrammed routine to accomplish. The biggest clues, however, are her youtube channel and her videos that have an alien stare in the popsugar. Mainly simple videos of her repeating phrases over and over again like a robot.

One of her video where Poppy will repeat ‘What time is it?’ like a repeating robot.

It’s obvious whoever is controlling Poppy has some ulterior motives. It also satires the whole pop singer for the Illuminati which pops up here and there with whoever is the new singer of the moment (Katy Perry, Kayne West, or whoever flirts a little too much to the occult in their ‘pop’ videos). True to form, her music video Lowlife Poppy has subtle(and not so subtle) occult symbols of devils, magic, and sacrifice of the soured reality of what a pop singer really is in relation to the puppet masters. In a weird way, Poppy takes Carpenter’s movie to the next level. Look at her video as symbolist, and it’s more alien and darker than the alien commands of ‘CONSUME. REPRODUCE. STAY ASLEEP.’ of They Live.

Obvious spellcast symbols in Poppy’s video Lowlife.

In this era of technology and sex, Poppy crosses into They live subliminal code signals with her big single Computer Boy. What starts off as a love song to a boy becomes what her song is really about…love for her laptop computer. As the music ends, Poppy stares at the audience the effect is horrifying for the empty stare could be the audience or it could be her. I was looking at her videos, and the comments were eerily recalled the rebels in They Live did in trying to break the alien signal. They didn’t know who Poppy was, but rather what Poppy is.

Here is her youtube channel listen to the bubblegum pop then stay for the alien conditioning signal.