Lauren Cohan Returning for Season 9

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Lauren Cohan as Maggie

The Walking Dead season nine is going to be a tear jerker for sure.  But some recent good news is that Maggie, who is played by the lovely Lauren Cohan on the series, has signed back on for next season.

With the full-scale war between Rick and Negan apparently finished (We don’t believe it for a second), producers have mentioned that The Walking Dead season nine represents a turning point for the much loved and continued drama, as new storylines and newer characters emerge to take center stage and the hearts of fans.

Without spoiling things for people who aren’t up to date on the show, The Walking Dead season eight concluded with the two fan favorites of Maggie and Rick at odds on how the two leaders should handle things. But do not worry fans…Maggie will be back for season 9.

We all thought for sure that actress Lauren Cohan was going to be leaving the show at the end of season 8 because she had not signed a contract for season 9 and was also booked as the lead in a new series on ABC called Whiskey Cavalier.

Lauren Cohan as Maggie

Now though, Deadline reports that Lauren Cohan has in fact finalized a deal to return for season 9. Cohan will for sure appear in at least 6 episodes of season nine and has an option to do more if her new series at ABC is not picked up.

Of course, all of us Walking Dead fans relieved that Maggie’s story will continue without incident and we hope that Whiskey Cavalier dies a very fast but painless death at ABC. Lauren Cohan was seeking a large pay raise and deserves one, but we are unclear if she got one.