The Dead Cards

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#TWDFamily has grown immensely and it is such a wonderful thing. What a creepy topic to bond over right 🙂 As I discover more of our family’s members I get so excited to find yet another artist. Especially when it is of a different category, that is to say, these folks draw, sketch, and these over here make dolls, that one makes resin art, and this one makes trading cards.

Yep, I said trading cards!

This is enough to give any nerd a heart attack, but you add the fact they are of TWD and that opens a completely different door. For several reasons. My favorite being these cards are mostly of smaller role characters, even more, most of which are in unrecognizable costume, meaning most would be seen as nothing more than an average Joe on the street. These actors mean more to me, they have a passion for the show like mine, if not I dare say more. As of this moment, they are still humble. As of this moment, it still means a great deal more to support them.

Mark Roberts is the mastermind behind these cards. He is from West Virginia, about 20 minutes from Charleston.   (Charleston WV was Eugene’s “Radio” girlfriend “Stephanie’s” location on Episode 11.) He is married, has 3 kids 20, 16, and 7,1 Dog “Chloe”, who is 12 years old. When he is not making these awesome ass cards he works in the IT industry, which he has done for 26 years and mostly as a gov contractor. 

Mark was kind enough to take the time to answer a few questions for us. Let’s hop right to them, shall we?

1, How did you get started in the trading cards business?

This was kind of a fluke for me, I started out by mocking up some cards for a few of the actors that I had met early on in 2019.  I was trying out my newly updated software and thought it would be a cool side project to see some of our background folks on trading cards, since you never see any of them get much love when it comes to things like that.

You may see a card or poster somewhere with “Saviors” or “Walkers” or basically just the name on them, but never see any names to credit those actors. 

Once I mocked up and posted some cards as “fan art only” and just for fun, I started getting inquiries from some of their fans asking where they could get the cards.  I just kinda laughed it off, I mean I had no clue how to actually make and print trading cards.  HA! 

Then I had a few actors see those cards and contact me asking if I would make cards for them as well, so I mocked up a few more and posted them. 

Then one of the actors, Mea Tharp hit me up and said you should really consider making these cards for real. I still kinda shrugged it off, I mean I had not a clue how to really make anything like that and get it professionally printed. 

So a few more nudges and I said why not, so I went out and got a biz license and a .com and just went all in.  Then I started approaching some of the other actors and asking if they’d mind if I used them to make trading cards… they probably thought I was crazy, but most said yes go for it!  That’s pretty much it in a nutshell. 

As a side note, I wouldn’t be doing any of this without the awesome support of every actor that you see on my cards and all of the fans out there who support me! 🙂 #twdfamily.  I give them all the credit for always supporting me and urging me to keep going!  So I’d like to give them all a huge shout out!

2. Did you attend an art school, or take special courses to learn this skill?
No, I’ve never taken any formal art courses that would have contributed to any of what I’m doing today. I’ve just always been interested in art in general and editing photographs even though I hadn’t actually done it for years prior to this.  I had just decided to pick it back up recently as a hobby, and literally no sooner than I picked it up was I making these cards.

3. Where can fans purchase the cards?

There are a few ways to get the cards, one would be to go check out my website if anyone would like to purchase cards or even if they’d like to be on a trading card themselves.

I’ve done some cards for the awesome die-hard fans out there as well.  Fans of the actors can also hit up some of the actors themselves, there are a lot of actors who have their cards as well and will sign and send them out, but you’d have to check with the actors themselves for the terms of those transactions. 

So even though I sell the cards myself. I always promote the actors as well and if an actor is offering their card up signed and for sale, and if I know about it, I will definitely share and promote that on my page as well.  It’s a group effort and we support each other!

Also, the best thing to do is to follow me on Facebook or Instagram to watch for any special offers that I may run that I do not run from my website.  I tend to like social media better since it allows me to be a little more involved and interactive with everyone.

4. Do you have social media accounts that we can stay in the know? 


5. Do you do commission work?

Yes, I do commission work as well as mentioned earlier.  Some of the awesome TWD fans will contact me from time to time and have their own trading card made as well as “Trading Style Biz Cards” that I’ve done for some of the fans who have their own businesses.  I’ve even been told that using my cards for business has been a huge help for getting their customers interested in their own products!  🙂

6. How long have you been a TWD fan?

That’s easy… I’ve been a fan of the TWD TV Series since the beginning, back when Rick first made his way out of the hospital  TBH, I was not aware of the graphic novel until after I started watching the show.

7. Do you set up at any cons or other events?

I’ve only really been doing this since late September of 2019, but I’ve already been invited to do about 5 or 6 cons since then, so I may be doing some cons in the very near future… Keep a lookout for me 🙂

8. Would you be a Savior, Alexandrian, Hilltopper, Kingdom knight, Woodburian, Prisoner, or Farmer?

Even though I love all the factions on the show since I know a lot of the folks who make them awesome.

I’d have to say that I’ve always been a fan of the Saviors, yes I know they are the bad guys… but I also started out getting to know a lot of the guys personally so what can I say?  They’re awesome!  Otherwise, I’d say Alexandria for sure… the houses there look comfy  🙂

9. Do you love other horror genres?

YES… I love every other horror genre but I grew up loving George A. Romero’s dead movies!

10. What are you working on at the moment?

What am I working on at the moment… Well, I just finished up with a collaboration with Oscar Rodriguez III where I took some of his TWD art and put it on The Dead Cards in my own style.  This has been an awesome collab for me and I am very grateful to Oscar for this opportunity.  Beyond that… just have to wait and see!  🙂