Talking Chris

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Hold up, before you can say ‘Just because Chris hosts/ed some shows talking about horror shows doesn’t mean a horror website has a right to throw their two cents worth into these new allegations’ Chris played in House of 1,000 Corpses before all the talk shows.  I could also point out how horrifying abusive relationships are, especially if the world sees another vision of the accused abuser.  We are not defending either side. I did want to point out a few things. Both good and bad for Chris.

  1. Such a huge percentage of those with the slightest power use that fame to get what they want, step on those they feel are beneath them to reach a little higher, and wear a nice shiny mask in the public (held in place by their secret horns). It is for this knowledge I can very easily see how these accusations can be true. Hell I know some with no spotlight other than the one in their fantasy that treat those in their life like shit when no one is around.  Many of us fans love the Chris we see on the shows, because of our admiration for that character yes we do have on rose-colored glasses. Unless you lived in Chris’s and Chloe’s closet while they were together, or had the house bugged, you have no way of knowing what really went on.
  2.  Chris was not fired from AMC, or nerdist! Talking with Chris has been pulled temporarily. Of course a business would not want to get caught up in an employees sex abuse allegations. Honestly. I will reiterate TEMPORARILY! Time is needed, there are issues that need to come to light, and a board meeting needs to happen after all facts are laid out for them to figure out their next move. Chris sold nerdist years ago, and did not even work on the company for two years before his contract ran out last year! They owe Chris nothing. As far as Cons and other events coming where Chris was to appear, all statements I am reading is that Chris stepped down from them. So no one hit the eject button…..yet.
  3. For those crying his career is over, her was too. If the blog article is true, why would your main concern be his career? Before stomping, let’s find out what is true. Let’s give more support to woman in abusive relationship instead of throwing so much glory on the guy/gal. That admiration is the reason so many women stay in abusive relationships, some until death. Let’s teach each other that abuse is not acceptable EVER.

I always watched Talking Dead, often times continuing out group chat into Talking and carrying what was going on on that show as well. I vouched for the show and for Chris (as far as Talking went) many times. I have many of the shirts Chris slung up during the show (including deadlive). My world is not over. It will continue to rotate until the facts are out, actually it will continue to rotate even after. I know a super awesome fan that would make a kick-ass host for Talking Dead