Stephen King Adaptations Coming to the Big Screen

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With the success It saw last year, it was inevitable we’d get a slew of new Stephen King adaptations coming to the big screen. It’s like every Hollywood shark smelled blood in the water. Blood from Stephen King’s typewriter that is.  What’s especially exciting about the latest is the horor pedigree involved with bringing them to us.  Now we don’t guarantee that all of these will  make it to be a Stephen King adaptations coming to the big screen but as of this article these are the ones that seem most likely.


Curious to know what 4 Stephen King Adaptations are coming to TV?  We’ve got ya covered right here!

The Boogeyman

The screenwriters who wrote the story for what became John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” get a shot at King’s short “The Boogeyman”. This one will take place in a psychiatrist’s office as a patient tells the story of the mysterious death of his three children. The creepy part is that all of them said “Boogeyman” right before they died.

Doctor Sleep

Warner Brothers are eyeing the release date to be January 24th 2020 but it’s early and I’d expect that to change. However the good news is that the early reports are saying this one will be awesome. Directed by Mike Flanagan “Doctor Sleep” tells the story of a grown-up Danny Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, from “The Shining”. The synopsis is “Struggling with alcoholism, Danny Torrance remains traumatized by the sinister events that occurred at the Overlook Hotel when he was a child. He soon finds a new purpose when he forms a psychic connection with a girl who shares his shining ability.”

Drunken Fireworks

According to Variety, James Franco is set to produce and star in a rare comedic tale from King. It’s about a Maine family that won the lottery and decides to spend some time relaxing by their new lake house. His across the lake neighbor is one of the bosses for the Massimo crime family. Of course a competition over whose Fourth of July fireworks display is bigger ensues that leads to a bitter rivalry that grows year after year.

Firestarter reported that a remake of the classic film was announced last April at the Overlook Film Festival in Colorado. It’s to be directed by Akiva Goldsman, produced by Blumhouse and written by Scott Teems. However, since that announcement nothing new has been said about it. We are giving this one a “maybe” until more news comes out.

The Gingerbread Girl

The 2007 novella is about a girl who come across a dead body while out on a run and quickly falls into a hellish situation. The film adaptation will be directed by frequent King collaborator Craig R. Baxley (“Storm of the Century” and “Rose Red.”)

Hearts in Atlantis

Director Johannes Roberts’ adaptation is based on the story that follows a group of college students, defermented from the draft, and reflecting on the state of society during the Vietnam War. They also become addicted to the card game Hearts, which starts to hurt their grades, putting them at risk of losing their deferments. Roberts’ recently directed horror films The Other Side of the Door and the shark thriller 47 Meters Down.

In the Tall Grass

The 2012 novella was written by King and his son Joe Hill and is about inseparable siblings. It will be distributed by Netflix, and according to Variety, James Marsden is in talks to star.

IT: Chapter Two

I know where most of us will be on Sept. 6, 2019. Either going to see this one or reading about the early reviews. That’s the release date from Warner Bros and New Line have set for the “IT” sequel. It will focus on the now adult members of the Loser’s Club as it’s set 27 years after the first one. Andy Muschietti returned to direct, as well as the original screenwriter Gary Dauberman returned to write the sequel. The first movie in the series is now the highest-grossing horror movie of all time we’re betting this one will do as well.

The Jaunt

Based on a short story with an unnerving ending, The Jaunt happens in a future where we’ve invented the technology needed to teleport. People can now “Jaunt” great distances, or even to other planets, but need to be knocked to do so. If not you’ll end up dead or insane. Plan B, Brad Pitt’s production company, bought the rights to adapt back in 2015, according to Deadline. We figure the holdup is due to having IT’s director Andy Muschietti attached to helm the project.

The Long Walk

Frank Darabont (“The Shawshank Redemption”) has wanted to make this 1979 Richard Bachman (King’s pen name) book for decades now. He does own the rights and brings it up every couple of years, including a 2007 AMC interview. Well, New Line Cinema is finally making it. James Vanderbilt (“Truth”) is set to write this script about a dystopian future where 100 teenagers are forced into a competition in which they walk across the country and only one is left standing at the end.

Overlook Hotel

Announced nearly three years ago, and reported by Collider in Oct. 2015, this movie telling the origin story of the hotel from the book “The Shining”. Rumor has it that it’s kind of prequel to “The Shining” but unfortunately right now it’s in development hell. Which means for whatever reason they are having a difficult time getting the movie made. Mark Romanek is supposed to be directing and James Vanderbilt is supposed to produce, but we don’t know for sure if any of that will happen.

Pet Sematary

The remake is supposed to be released April 19, 2019, but has been reported by Variety to have been pushed up to April 5th 2019, though a lot can change between now and then. Directed by Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kolsch based off a script by Jeff Buhler with “Winchester” star Jason Clarke as the lead role of Louis Creed and the awesome John Lithgow as his neighbor Jud.


Revival is a Lovecraftian horror tale where man is a mere insect before the terrible powers of forces beyond understanding. Filmmaker Josh Boone (“The Fault in Our Stars”) is directing the film, and has said that Russell Crowe is involved.

The Stand

Another one said to be helmed by Josh Boone.  He’s currently attached to three different King projects, with the adaptation of “The Stand” being the most anticipated. “The Stand” has actually been in development hell for decades. Originally set to be a movie, then it became several movies, then a TV miniseries was teased, then a full TV series suggested, and now, again, we are back to it being a movie. Who knows what will happen but seeing as this is widely accepted as one of King’s best works we are hoping that a series of movies, similar to “IT”, is made for the big screen.

The Talisman

Yet another adaptation with Josh Boone slated to be involved, says Variety. Boone might just write this one. He might direct it, too. Hell he may even star in it and film it alone by himself with his camera phone while holding his own microphone….We don’t know. “The Talisman” is so ripe for an adaptation that it’s practically begging to be made. Steven Spielberg’s production company, Amblin Entertainment, currently owns the rights.

The Tommyknockers

Not the greatest book, even by King’s own admittance, but it still inspired a bidding war between Universal, Netflix, and Sony. Universal was the big winner and they are slated to move forward with the project. The project is in great hands and reportedly being produced by writer/director James Wan (Saw and Insidious). Wan may have a hard time erasing the memory of the dreadful 1993 TV miniseries but he has a great pedigree in horror. However, it has not been announced if Wan will direct or not. The story is about an uncovered alien spacecraft that alters  inhabitants of the surrounding area into beings similar to the aliens.