How to Scare the Shit Out of Ghosts

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Ghosts are real and are present around you. As you continue reading this article, you may not even realize a ghost standing behind you and bending over to read it with you. Turn around, close your eyes and open them quickly to see the ghost. Stop screaming like a baby. That was just your sister with a face pack on….but your scream may just scare the ghosts out of the room.

Paranormal activities, scary voices, levitating figures and cold spots, people living in haunted houses can experience it all. You’re sleeping alone and suddenly someone crawls into your bed.

Half asleep you get all cozy with that entity, trying to kiss it when you realize how cold those lips are and you open your eyes to witness a ghost smiling back at you. Maybe the ghost’s husband wasn’t romantic and it came to you for some love, if you can love your wife without makeup then surely you can kiss a ghost too. Unless her without makeup would scare the ghosts too.

Getting ghosts out of your house can be very difficult. If try to get them out, they may continue to haunt and scare you because they don’t like being homeless. So rather than kicking them out, scare the ghosts out of your house and never return.

#1 Call a priest

Getting your house “cleansed” is the best way to scare the ghosts away, but what if they are crazy as the ghost in Exorcist and kill the priest? Then you will definitely get into trouble. Don’t hire an old exorcist’s specialist who already has one leg hanging in the grave.

Hire an expert who is strong and knows his work well so that your house becomes ghosts free without any problems.

#2 Time to call ghost busters

Hearing the ghosts signing in the washroom? May they are just trying to take a shower and not scare you. What if it is your great grandmother’s spirit trying to contact you and tell you about her hidden treasure? You surely won’t want to get rid of her then. Call psychics or ghost busters to make contact with the spirit world and force the ghosts to leave.

#3 “Death” may not be the end

What if you are actually dead and scaring the ghosts who are the rightful owners of the house? The thought might have given you shivers.

Ghosts may not realize that they are actually dead and scaring you away. it is best to contact them through a proper channel, talk to them so that they can leave on a positive note.

And somehow if the ghosts are too stubborn and decide to stay a little longer, ask your sister to put on her face pack and scare them away.

Or your wife without makeup can even help you as she has been scaring you for so many years.

Asking the spirits to leave can be hard but with a little effort, you can definitely get your house cleansed in the name of God.