Lee Vervoort on The Beast of LBL

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Land Between the Lakes is an area between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake. It is absolutely picturesque, rolling fields of green, and meadows and peacefully woods, not to mention the gorgeous lakes. There is reenactment staff dress in attire from the 1800s and going about chores of the time. This place even has roaming buffalo!

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A calm will instantly take over you when you arrive……at least during the day time

This creature’s story started before there were even English settlers in the area. The Shawnee warned of this beast to trappers and hunters. Telling of a powerful Shapeshifter. Then French trappers started using the land and soon found out for themselves. Soon every hunter or trapper that came up missing was because of the giant dogman! This misunderstood cuddly bear was bipedal and when on his hind legs stood over 7 feet tall! With long claws, sharp canines and glowing red eyes to boot! I completely understand, I once had dry, itchy eyes that had me lashing out too.
The Wolfman stories and sightings still exist. There had been hundreds of not-happy-anymore campers hurriedly pack up their gear and head out of the area as quickly as possible. And all of the locals have had some of their livestock mutilated by some huge beast. Many have also heard the huge beast’s howl and know it to be no coyote. There is even a gruesome story of the local Sheriff’s dept finding the remains of 3 campers slaughters, the remains left in a pile in the middle of what used to be some Military bunkers.

In other words, this grisly beast of Kentucky sounds perfect for Lee Vervoort to check out!

This brief bio will explain why:
Lee Vervoort was born in Saginaw Michigan but raised in Cadiz Kentucky from age 7 where he lived for the next 20 years. He then spent 7 years in Hopkinsville Ky. while in the floor covering trade. After that, he moved to Nashville TN. where he spent the next 10 years working for a distribution company and exploring the film industry. He’s single with no children. At age 47 his life experience has been beneficial in the realm of learning multiple trades and skills that have come in handy for behind the scenes work in film.

Lee has no previous runnings with this creature and just recently has found out about the stories. He will be filming at LBL and going over many of the areas ‘Dogman’ has been spotted. Lee is working on this projection strictly from donations. If you would like to contribute, please message him on his FB fan page Click here to go to his page

He was kind enough to give us a little more about himself as well.
Here is our Q+A

1. How long have you been a fan of horror?
I’d say over 20 years.

2. Where can we see some of your work?
You can see a cameo role in both Revelation Trail and Last Kind Words. Also, there’s Volumes of Blood where I directed the wraparound story. Then there’s Gun Town and The Truck, both indie films that I wrote, produced and directed. I also played a background extra Savior in 7 episodes of TWD.
:O #WeAreNegan

3. Did you go to a special school to get into this?
No, I’ve always learned by hands on experience. By being on set as much as possible (in front of and behind the camera) and paying attention, I learned how things worked.

4. Who inspires you?
Most of my Inspiration came from movies and television of the 70s and 80s.

5.How did you get into filming?
When I moved to Nashville TN in October of 2004, I decided to start somewhere and began with student films.

6. You looking for cast members?
I will be for the trailer, yes. I’ll use some local talent.

7.Tell us about this beast?
The beast is around 7 feet tall, eyes of red, almost wolf-like in appearance and scary as all hell. Also known as…the dogman.

8. Does this beast have its own website or gift shop like Big Foot or Nessie?
There are numerous articles and such out there. A Google search will open those doors.
I’ve also created a Facebook page for it. No gift shops that I’m aware of.

Click here to check out his fb group for the beast

9. Are you going to be hunting the creature in the film?
Not sure yet.