James Explains “Why This Sucks!” Episode 8 Halloween (1978)

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Hear me out before you crucify me; For a small budget film, that became a classic and spawned NUMEROUS sequels and even remakes, Halloween is a great flick. For those of us who appreciate and hold these 70s and 80s films up on such a high pedestal, it’s right there with Nightmare and Friday the 13th.

The following rant is more of an “I noticed plot holes and a wider view of the ACTUAL story” instead of saying it sucks.

Dr. Loomis is the bad guy! Please, let me explain; the first time we see little Michael after stabbing his sister, his expression is one of shock and fear, not evil glee. It seems like he is appalled at his own actions.

Then we know nothing about his 15 years in an institution except what Dr. Loomis tells us. Loomis describes the child as evil incarnate, but is it possible — just possible, mind you — that Dr. Sam Loomis is either flat-out lying or greatly oversimplifying the facts?

In my interpretation of Halloween, Dr. Loomis viewed the six-year-old Michael Myers as the personification of evil because that’s what he wanted to see in the boy. Thus, Loomis’s idea of Michael became a self-fulfilling prophecy: treat him like a killer and he becomes a killer.

For fifteen years, Michael was Loomis’s own little science experiment, his own Frankenstein’s monster. I can imagine Loomis telling Michael over and over again that he is “evil” and “the devil himself” and constantly reminding him of the events in Haddonfield in 1963.

Apart from that, Halloween never scared me, even as a child. You can see Michael approaching constantly, so nothing was ever a shock or surprise, no intense build up or anything. I always felt the original script was lacking, I needed a little more. Thankfully Rob Zombie stepped up and corrected this by giving us a more in-depth view of young Michael and his time in the institute, and yet I still see the Loomis character as the bad guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the Michael Myers character alongside my other top slasher killers, but I still feel like Halloween could use a better script. Another thing that lost me with RZ version was when Michael killed Danny Trejos character. He was nothing but nice to Michael and Michael was good to him, but then decided to kill him just for shits and giggles? Yeah, no. Maybe the new film coming out will stand out and suck me in finally, so far I would never pick any of them to just watch like I do so many other horror franchises.