Interview with Actor John Wells

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Horror Survival: Tell me about your most recent projects?

I just recently wrapped on a World War II action movie called Wolf Hound, and a faith-based family fantasy called Cadia: The World Within. Next week I’ll be working on a dark fantasy/horror anthology called Tales from the Blood Fairies. In that, I play an original twist on the Beast, from Beauty and the Beast.

Horror Survival: What are typically your biggest frustrations when making a movie?

Lack of preparedness, and disregard for the value of other’s time.

Horror Survival: What makes a film great for you?

I always say a film is like a symphony. You have many different instruments in the orchestra. With film, you have the story, the performances, cinematography, editing, score, a myriad of art forms all playing together to make one grand collective artistic amalgamation. And for a film to be GREAT, all of those instruments must be in tune and serve the symphony as a whole.

Horror Survival: What has to happen to a film you’re in for you to consider it a success?

To simply find an audience. If people can watch it, enjoy it or connect with it in some fast, it’s fulfilled its purpose.

Horror Survival: What films have been the most inspiring or influential to you and why?

I do have a special love for fantasy, science fiction, and period pieces. Anything that effectively carries you off and away from the real world. Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, Star Wars. I treasure the escapism of it.
And of course the epics, Braveheart and the like.

Horror Survival: What could make you walk away from a film set you’re working on?

I’ve never had to walk off a set before, but if cast or crew were being pushed into situations that could compromise their well being, especially something beyond what was discussed and agreed upon as part of the original commitment. That could certainly be a deal breaker.

Horror Survival: How did your love for movies get sparked?

From a very young age, I was the awkward loner kid. I didn’t get pulled into the games and sports with all the other kids, so I made my home and friends within books and movies. I was the weird dreamer kid, so I latched on tightly to the escapism of film.

Horror Survival: So far what has been the most disappointing moment of your acting career?

Any acting career is a series of wins and losses. I try not to dwell on the disappointments. If one does too often, it can be crippling. I prefer to keep my focus on gratitude.

Horror Survival: How do you bring your characters to life?

I approach them all very different, but ultimately, I think I usually begin with finding facets of myself in them. How and where I can relate and connect with them, what we share on a human level. I’ll use that as the foundation of sincerity and then build upon it from there. Shape their memory, thought processes, mannerisms, and such, and whenever possible, let them develop organically.

Horror Survival: What type of character would you love to play that you haven’t had a chance to so far?

I’ve been fortunate in the diversity of my body of work, and I’ve been able to play a wide spectrum of characters, but I’d really love to do something romantic. Especially like a Gothic or Victorian romance. I think I’d enjoy that. You don’t see much of it in independent film, and I don’t understand the aversion to writing engrossing love stories. It’s something we all innately connect with, and yet romance is so often avoided like it’s some kind of taboo.

Horror Survival: In acting what are your biggest strength and biggest fear?

I believe my biggest strength is my fearlessness.

.. See what just I did?

Horror Survival: If you could remake any horror movie from the 80’s which would it be?

Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes. I loved the book, but even with Jonathon Pryce’s brilliant performance, the movie was a bit watered down and mediocre. It has a special place in my heart, but I do think it could stand a new adaption to better deliver on the story’s potential.
And I would ABSOLUTELY want to play Mr. Dark.

Horror Survival: Could you survive a horror film?

Well, they haven’t killed me so far.

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