Horror Movie Marathon: Oldies

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Some people are okay with just watching a few of the same horror movies each year around Halloween.

Well us Horror Fanatics aren’t satisfied with that. I started my HorrorMarathon weeks ago 😀 Due to my father’s illness I have not been able to watch one every single day, but I do have an awesome list accumulated. If you do not already have Prime, what better time to try it out for a month free? 😀 Click here to sign up for the 30 Day Free Trial (remember to adjust so it will not automatically update). And if you do have Amazon Prime I have found the sunken treasure of gold old B-rated horror films! With these and a sprinkle of ‘…but goodies, I have enough for a marathon of ghouls!

Day 1 : Astounding She Monster – The Original Schlock Classic. This Black and White classic is about a female alien that crashes in the desert and some crooks that have kidnapped a rich heiress are the humans she sees first. The graphics are a MUST-SEE, the alarming music and the blood-curdling screams are on point!

Click here to see on Amazon

2. The Four Skulls of Jonathan Drake. Who do you voodoo? A curse is on this family, and every man must die and have their head shrunk! Click here to see on Amazon


3. The Day of the Triffids. OMG tooo much LOL! Monster Plants *smiles*

Click here to see on Amazon


4. We MUST sprinkle some Christopher Lee in the list!! This is a show, not a movie but take my word for it and binge 100 Years of Horror. Season 1 is free with Prime Click here to see on Amazon

5. Robot Monster: The Original Version. This one had me in tears…..from laughing! Oh my, the corniness is so awesome!! From the ‘leave it to Beaver’ attitudes to the torpedo bras to the BUBBLES as an actual visual effect!!! You has gotsa put this one on your list!!!! Click here to see on Amazon


6. Astro Zombies!!! Would I be me if I did not include zombies in a movie list?!? There is not nearly enough scenes with the ‘astro zombies’ but MAN do these costumes make up for it!! Click here to see on Amazon

7. More Christopher Lee did say?  How about The Many Faces of Dracula? Christopher narrates a good portion of this film. There’s so much goodness here! You may even learn something new!

8. The Ghoul (1933). OMG Boris!! Well, a good jewel will do that to ya! Click here to see on Amazon

9. Vodoo Man. Starring Bela Lugosi!! You can hear static in the background, and there’s static rain! It’s fabulous! The acting, the costumes and marvelous!!!

10. Invisible Ghost. Another flick with Bela Lugosi. I can’t imagine how scary these stares were back in the day lol. This one doesn’t have the cheesy special effects, the director (Joseph H. Lewis) did a remarkable job without them!

11. She Demons-The Original Schlock Classic. Wait ’til you see these masks! Click here to see on Amazon

12. Frankenstein the First (1910) This is a silent film and the reel so old it’s transparent in spots. BUT it’s the very first Frankenstein movie!! It’s an absolute MUST! Click here to see on Amazon

13 The Angry Red Planet. Fantastic graphics and special effects. I do admire whoever the artist is. The acting and the corny jokes are fabulous. Click here to see on Amazon


14. Behemoth Sea Monster. This one has the feel of King Kong or Godzilla.  Great story and plot. Clear picture.
Click here to see on Amazon

15. The Being. HEY, a slasher! Cheesy, I mean green and slimy graphics LOL. The cinematography will remind you of Friday the 13th. Oh hey, Martin Landau! Click here to see on Amazon

16. Invisible Invaders. Oh my goodness this one is rich! Click here to see on Amazon

17. Cat-Women from the Moon. Well, obviously I had to include this one. It was a must! Click here to see on Amazon

18. Let’s cleanse our palette with a flick about the classics. Monster Madness: The Gothic Revival of Horror. Click here to see on Amazon

19 Horror Express. LOL at the toy train in the opening! Hey, it’s another Christopher Lee film! Click here to see on Amazon

20.Frankenstein’s Daughter: The Original Schlock Classic. Well what a knock-out! Click here to see on Amazon

21. Danger!! Death Ray. Oh my God, the sound effects!! Click here to see on Amazon

22. The Carpet of Horror. Wait, what? This is definitely a must see! Click here to see on Amazon

23. The Devil’s Messenger. Well, we need more stories like this nowadays. Lon Chaney Jr aka the Wolfman is in it.
Click here to see on Amazon

24. Mark of the Witch. What a way to start a movie!! The singing enough will bring you to pure terror!! Who tf…… Click here to see on Amazon

25. Drive-In Massacre. Man, these special effects LOL. Click here to see on Amazon

26. Fury of the Wolfman.
Well, here’s to one hell of a twist!
Click here to see on Amazon

27. House of Secrets. OH MY. The sound is messed up (music louder than talking) but it is awesomely horrible 🙂 Click here to see on Amazon

28. Night of Terror. More like night of joy! Another Bela movie, because YES.  Why did everyone talk like that back then? LOL  Click here to see on Amazon

29.  The Bat. Wonderful title right? Awesome music! These hats though! Click here to see on Amazon

30. Last but by far the least. Bride of the Monster. In color no less! Another Bela movie, what better way to tap off the list? Tor Johnson certainly didn’t hurt the film either! Who better for a grunt? The actor is so horrible, and the props!

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