Four Stephen King Adaptations Coming to TV

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With the massive success that was IT Chapter One last year and the upcoming sequel looming it was just a matter of time before every Hollywood shark smelled blood in the water. Blood from Stephen King’s typewriter that is.

The Stand

The 1994 miniseries kicked major ass! Rumors of a 10-episode miniseries coming to CBS All Access (subscription service), with The New Mutants’ Josh Boone to oversee was teased back in April. Boone is a huge fan and has promised to adapt the story as faithfully as possible as well.

Dark Tower

This is supposedly happening at Amazon, with The Walking Dead alum Glen Mazzara as the showrunner. But who knows? Amazon is keeping quiet about it at this time. Maybe it has something to do with the not-so-good movie that came out last year?

Castle Rock

Coming to Hulu and produced by J.J. Abrams this mystery series isn’t a direct adaptation of a specific King book but instead set in his favorite fictional town where the likes of Cujo lived and where Needful Things took place. Honestly, we’ve seen three different trailers for this show and I still can’t tell you exactly what it’s going to be about. BUT my DVR is already set to record it.

The Bone Church

It’s still early on this announcement and no network is attached yet but it’ll get snatched up soon. This is an adaptation of his creepy long-form poem about a drunk who tells anyone that buys him a drink the story about the doomed expedition to locate a forbidden mythical site, called the Bone Church. While 32 people set out on the trip, only three returned including the whiskey-demanding narrator. It will be produced by Chris Long and Suicide Squad director David Ayer.