February’s Artist of the Month: Paul Bonner

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HEY, I’m the new guy 🙂 One of my specialties is interviewing Horror Artists. Us horror fans love art too ya know, so when we come across one that dabbles in the spooky our hearts go pitter patter. February’s AotM hails from Scotland. He is a spray paint/ stencil artist. And completely BADASS!!

Here is a brief bio of him:

Born bred and based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Actual age is 32, but physically feel older, and mentally much younger. Art is my main job, whether it be canvas, walls, paper, skin, glass, pretty much anything I can get my hands on. I’m not married but I am taken. I have 2 awesome kids, Shannon who is 14 and Bowser who is 6.

Are here is our 10 q+a

1. Did you attend Art School? Or have a special teacher?
I didn’t attend art school as such. I did start an HND Art + Design course at college when I was 16 yet left that early. I didn’t want to be told what was and wasn’t art.

2. Who inspires you?
My main inspirations come from a wide variety of art styles: the mind of Clive Barker mainly, a true inspiration. Tattooist Cecil Porter uses color like no-one else and made me realize that color shouldn’t be standard.  Graffiti artists such as Herakut, Inkie, Dank and Blek le Rat. The list could generally go on. My friends and family especially, they keep me going.

3. When did you fall in love with horror?
When I was very young, I always had a fascination for the darker things, even though I didn’t necessarily see it as horror at this point. When I was a bit older, maybe around 8 or 9 I saw Hellraiser for the first time and that was me hooked (pun intended). From here, I just worked back through the classics, from the Universal Monsters to present day. Nothing will ever beat the love I have for the Hellraiser franchise though.

4. Who is your favorite monster or immortal creep?
See, this is a tricky one. I don’t class Pinhead as a monster, but he is top of the list for me. Grandpa or Herman Munster are a close second.

5. Do you have a fan page? Facebook? Instagram? Twitter?
My shenanigans can be found at facebook.com/bflabdn and instagram.com/bflabdn. I will be working on getting more accounts elsewhere also.

6. Do you set up at ComicCons or any other type of vending fest?
Not as such, no. But I have had stalls at places while I’ve been there painting. I’m looking to try and get some stalls at other fairs and cons more often though.

7. Pepsi or Coke?
Neither. Irn-Bru… always.

8. Do you draw in pencil, straight to painting, charcoal, the blood of innocent souls, or tattoo ink?
Nearly all of the above. I mainly go from pencil to digital, back to pencil, then to scalpel (which can end up with the blood of my own innocent soul) and finally paint. Charcoal, not so much… not dark enough, ha.

9. Do you do commission work?
I work mainly on commission. But every now and again, I get the urge to go mental and make random stuff, usually at silly times in the morning. Whether it be sitting and making 300 badges, or painting countless stickers, just to make the city a nicer place to look at.

10. Are you currently working on a piece right now?
Now that would be telling. 😉