Danai Gurira (Michonne) in Marvel’s Black Panther

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Many of us were already in awe of Danai Gurira for years now.

She plays Michonne on The Walking Dead.

The Katana wielding badass and Rick’s ‘better half’.

Off scene, she is even more jaw-dropping with her elegance and taste in style and rocking body!


When you put this elegance, and that ass-kicking talent together!!! A lady in red is one thing, but one that gives you a beat down like none other won’t soon be forgotten!

Danai is one fierce woman! The absolute definition of Mrs. Badass!
Aside from her fighting skills, and let’s again mention that rocking body! Her acting skill is spot on! The conviction she puts into her roles deserves on them awards! When the cameras zoom in on her angry face, you are ready to leave the room! When ‘Michonne’ cries, you cry. When she has a fight scene (let’s face it, pretty often!) you are off the couch punching and kick the air and cheering her on!

Danai has the ability to have you feel every scene she still with just the expressions on her face!

And we absolutely love her for that and look forward to seeing her in more roles!

Here is an interview she had on ET about Black Panther

Full ET Interview below: