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Man, I have an awesome job! You know that old saying, ‘Do what you love, and you will never work another day’? When it comes to being a writer for this incredible horror site, it is very true! I am thrilled with all the possibilities my title has. The great, phenomenal, big-hearted people I get to meet blows me away many times! Piper and Doreen have turned many heads, have helped out in countless charity and are altogether fun gals to get to know! Let’s dive right in and find out all about this flipping kickass business these two have shall we.

CreepynCuteShop artisans and co-owners are Piper Shano and Doreen Defauw. Piper is a Detroit Native American artisan who resides in metro Detroit. Doreen is a Detroit native Michigander and an artisan of many a craft, and resides in northern metro Detroit. The shop is home to the “Share the Love” mission and motto. Originated in Metro Detroit. They are authentic zombie doll designers and gifters.  While their shop designs original, one-of-a-kind handmade zombie dolls, some dolls may be similarly reproduced by special order, such as the celebrity dolls.  Their shop also accepts custom order requests for portrait and specialty dolls.  Folks are encouraged to contact the ladies via the Etsy Shop for pricing and details. 
CreepynCuteShop can be reached via the following:
Instagram:  @CreepynCute_Shop
Twitter:  @CreepynCuteShop

On to the Q&A

 1.  How did you guys get started in the creepy doll biz?
During the Summer of 2013, Piper was looking for something zombie-themed and was not successful in finding it.  So she reached out to Doreen and together they made their way to a local craft store, gathered up some supplies and went back to Doreen’s home where the first zombie doll was created using fabric, muslin, yarn, and buttons.  She was named “Ghoulie Girl.”

A. Were either of you making rag dolls prior?  
Doreen dabbles in many crafting encounters and made Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls when she was a young teenager, but nothing with a zombie flare.
B. Where did the idea originate?  
Piper was looking for a zombie doll to accent her zombie apocalypse-themed décor.

2. What drew you to making creepy dolls?  After the first zombie doll was created, several of our friends showed an interest in receiving one of their own.  We decided to create eight zombie dolls for a Metro Detroit zombie convention where we had booked a table to raise funds for a local charity in Metro Detroit.  Three of the nine zombie dolls were raffled off at this event – so their photos of them with of their dolls were shared on social media.  During that convention, someone suggested we should book another event, and we did just that!!!  At that next event, folks were buying our zombie dolls right out of our packed boxes!!
A.Why horror? 
 Both Doreen and Piper have been horror fans since they can remember!!  *What hooked Piper was seeing George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead solo at midnight when she was 15. 
* Doreen had a love of all things scary growing up, including Dark Shadows and monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and even the infamous Planet of the Apes.

3. Favorite monster or hero related to the zombie or horror genre? 
 Hmmm, Piper’s favorite monster or hero…Godzilla!!! 
Doreen’s list is long, but she truly loves Frankenstein.   

4. Toughest piece to work on? 

*For Piper, to date, the most challenging zombie doll to make has been ‘Beta’, a sinister character portrayed by Ryan Hurst on The Walking Dead, because of the complexity of the design.  
*For Doreen, she loves the challenge of an original portrait doll of anyone who likes to have them created for themselves because each time it is different. 

5. Where will you guys be next? 
CreepynCuteShop’s next event is Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio from March 20th to March 22nd.  
A.Do you have a schedule available?  
Yes, all of our events are on CreepynCuteShop’s Facebook business page events section at:
For events that do not have Facebook events created, events are posted via all of our social media platforms. 
Currently, we are slated for:
*Horrorhound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio – March 20-22, 2020
Event Info:
*Motor City Nightmares in Novi, Michigan – April 24-26, 2020
Event Info:
*Oddities & Curiosities in Novi, Michigan – July 16, 2020
Event Info:
*Fandemic Dead Tour in Atlanta Georgia – October 23-25, 2020
Event Info:

6. Who inspires you? 
People!!  People and their passions for what they love.  
A. Who do you follow with awe?  
This is a tough question…for us both, we are inspired by people and organizations that have a positive impact on society, that are charitable and share the love. 

7. If the ZA were to happen, what’s your weapon of choice?
*For Piper, hmmm, probably a handgun for its distance and close-range ability, compact storage and overall effectiveness.
*For Doreen, any gun, with the hopes she had the ability to outrun and outsmart the dead.  

8. First piece you did?
We both did “Ghoulie Girl” together. 

9. What scares you?
*Doreen is horrified by Leatherface, Freddy Krueger, and Michael Myers. 
*For Piper, hands down, the creepy clown from Stephen King’s “It”!!!

10. What advice would you give to anyone wanting to get into the horror arts business? 
Follow your intuition, heart, and mind…The Universe has a great way of responding!!!