Creepy Mother’s Day Gift From Hereditary

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Hereditary’s release is just under a month away, but Mother’s Day is right here and right now! A24 has decided to grace us with a twisted new Facebook poster to celebrate all the sacrifices good mother’s make for their families. Especially their children. So what better way to honor our moms than a poster…with a child who appears to be sacrificing a mouse for her mother? Honestly, people can there be a more creepy Creepy Mother’s Day Gift!?

Why can’t we have normal kids in horror films!? Yeah, you’re right…it wouldn’t be near as much fun. Plus I actually have no idea what’s going on in that poster, but the mom’s facial expression looks like she’s tired of the little girls shit. Or maybe she would have preferred some flowers or maybe some chocolate…even half eaten one’s would have been better. And I thought I gave MY mother bad gifts for Mother’s day!

The poster features the daughter, Charlie (played by Milly Shapiro), peeking over a countertop with her mother, Annie Graham (Toni Collette), looking fed the F up in the background.

Note the little doll bowing down the dead mouse? I’m sure that was an accident! CREEPY!!!!

We’ve already seen that the little girl makes her own dolls. Using stuff like spools of string, corks, gardening tools, and cute little things like the HEADS OF DEAD FREAKIN ANIMALS! Check out her etsy store. By a birdhead doll, or maybe a little kitten headded one?

But honest,ly we don’t know if her morbid little doll hobby have some kind of crazy hidden meaning or curse. But we aren’t inviting her over for a sleepover any time soon. However, we’d like to point out that we are sure that the Graham family has a skeleton or two in their closet…maybe even an entire body’s worth or two! Which might explain why no one is ever smiling in their family photos.