Creating Your Own Horror Music Playlist

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Many of us that love to decorate (indoor and/or out) have ‘scary music’ playing. Most of the music is an old door creeping shut, a feral sounding cat meowing, that out of tune organ playing, some moans, maniac laughter, a cackle, and an occasional blood-curdling scream. All of those are absolutely grand for enhancing the decor. How about some new sprinkles? 🙂 Some actual music to entertain the ‘spirit’. Youtube is fantastic to do just the thing, especially if you have on your Smart TV or have a computer or laptop and some speakers. Youtube is free, so if you do not have an acct already make one. In this article, I will share some of my lists, and give you wonderful ideas of songs (or sounds) to add to your own. I would love to hear your thoughts on some other awesome choices.

This one I made has a mixture of scary sounds and some fantastic music 🙂 Click here to play on youtube

There is plenty of creepy sounds lists on youtube for you to create your own. Here are a few helpful tips when creating your own list:
1. Up in the search bar (youtube’s search bar, you will see a magnifying glass) type ‘Halloween music’ or ‘Halloween sounds’, or ‘Scary sounds’ etc. Then hit enter. There you will see a list of many choices.
2. Click play on those you would like to check out.
3. For those you want to add to your playlist, click the + sign you see in the options below the video screen.
4. When you click on the + your personal lists will pop up, when adding your very first ‘song’ to your new playlist, down at bottom of that playlists window you will see ‘Create new playlist’
5. Name your playlist something like ‘Scary’ or ‘Halloween’ so you can easily find when you want to play it.
6. BOOM you did it 😀