Cinema Lexzikon Begins Work On Black Mamba!

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It’s Kill Bill meets Foxy Brown

Cinema Lexzikon, an Ohio based indie film company has begun work on it’s latest feature BLACK MAMBA.

When a woman is killed by corrupt cops, she is reincarnated as an assassin charged with destroying those who killed her and her friends.

THE FILM is described as KILL BILL meets FOXY BROWN. And to that end, Cinema Lexzikon’s President and CEO William Lee wants to make a few things clear. With a new awareness of female empowerment, Lee feels cinema needs to make strong female leads a permanent part of the culture.

Lee is a man who has 40 plus years experience in the business. He was around long before the Spike Lee’s and “Black Panthers” of the film world made their mark. At age 18, he was pitching films to the President of Warner Brothers in Los Angeles.

He knows that Hollywood ignores and/or does not often value the contributions of the minority film community. Often, relegating them to stereotypical depictions of black life, and assuming that is all that needs to be said. William Lee has NEVER bowed to such pressure, even though it may have cost him lucrative deals from big name Hollywood companies. Williams believes you can entertain without selling your soul. Cinema Lexzikon does this EVERY TIME.

BLACK MAMBA Features Angela Williams as “Mamba”, the reincarnated one woman army. Williams also appeared in Lee’s films “3 Kne Deep” and “Straight Outta’ h8”.

In addition, Dawna Lee Heising, who appeared in the original “Blade Runner” with Harrison Ford, and Simeon Teague who appeared as Obie in the classic film “Mississippi Burning” also take on major roles in the film.

In addition to strong female characters, Lee’s film has a predominantly female production team and a multi-ethnic cast.

Lee’s previous three films 3 Knee Deep, Straight Outta’ H8 and 6 Feet Below Hell were all released through Red Box, the world’s largest DVD rental platform. In fact, 6 FEET BELOW HELL, a zombie-inspired action flick, has been at the box for almost 9 months as of this writing.

As if this wasn’t enough for Cinema Lexzikon, 6 of Lee’s films will be released via On Demand channels worldwide starting in June of this year as well.

Black Mamba, which Lee describes as a “horror action” film with demons, witches, and otherworldly assassins begins shooting in May 2018, and plans are for the film to be picked up by Redbox by the fall.

For more information on Cinema Lexzikon, visit the website