March Artist of the Month: Don England

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When I say I am thrilled to have found this Horror Artist, that is putting it mildly! This guy is beyond incredible! I mean look at the detail in the drawing! You can just imagine the time and effort he put it!
Here is a brief bio of your new found favorite artist ūüôā
Donald England is a Michigan-based Artist, specializing in creepy and macabre art for the last 25 years. By day he works for a design company, at night, and on weekends he is either spending time with his wife and three kids or making monsters in his basement. He is a product of late-night 80s television, comic book shops, and classic rock music. Donald is a life-long collector of comic books and movie posters from which he draws his inspiration. Early in his career, he focused more on comic book-related projects, like co-creating Lethal Lita with Michael Leblanc, as well as various other projects.
By the end of the 90s, he was primarily working on horror projects, creating catalog cover art for VHS sellers like Video Wasteland and Video Dungeon. Over the years, his work has been seen in a number of magazines (Horror Hound, Liquid Cheese), as well as cover art for Evilspeak. His work has also been featured in Deadworld, The Thing Art Book and on the covers of Erie Tales, A Fist full of Dead Folk, and Night Pieces. Don’s art has also graced bottles of Deadworld Zombie Soda
Here is my Q+A with him
1. At what age did you start drawing?
I’ve been drawing since as long as I can remember. My mother painted, so before I was even in grade school she was showing my different techniques in drawing.
2. Was it always horror?
Yes and no, Horror, comics and sci fi. When I was little it was Planet of the Apes, Spiderman and the Star Wars. But I was always watching the Saturday Creature Features as well that would show the old Universal and Hammer films. So its always been around
3. Did you go to an art school, or have a special teacher?
Mom was the special teacher. I took basic art classes in high school, besides that I took a few classes at a local art store to learn more techniques than just pen and ink.
4. About how much time does one piece take?
All Depends, I do lunchtime sketches that are quick things that I do during lunch for a half hour. When I’m working on large pen and inks some can take a few weeks depending on how critical I’m being. Others I can do in a night.
5. Who inspires you?
Oh, there’s a lot of artists that inspire me, I see new stuff on social media every day that blows me away. Some of my go-to favorites would be Richard Corben, Vince Locke, Daniel Horne, Giger and Bernie Wrightson.
b.What artist are you following?
On social media I’ve been following a lot of sculptors like Rick Baker, Jordu Shell, Mark Newman and Mike Hill. All of them post amazing work.
6. When did you fall in love with horror?
Always a huge fan but when I was in 6th grade HBO was showing An American Werewolf in London, and that did it for me. I couldn’t stop talking about what I had seen in that film.
7. Who’s your favorite monster?
Tough question. I’ve always been a werewolf fan even before¬†American Werewolf. Chaney’s Wolfman is in my opinion Universal best monster movie.¬†¬†But at the end of the day, the Giger monster in the first Alien movie is my favorite.¬†¬†I draw it all the time.
8. Do you have a fan page?
I have a site
I’m on facebook¬†click here to see him on fb and instagram¬†click here to follow on instagram
9. Do you set up at ComicCons or in an Art Gallery?
I set up at Horror Conventions like Monsterpalooza, Horror Hound, Cinema Wasteland and Motor City Nightmares. I do set up at a few comic cons throughout the year, Motor City comic con and Steel City are a few of the ones I attend

10. What are you currently working on?
Currently, I am working on a few book covers as well as some commissions for private collectors. For myself, I’m working on a giant pen and ink horror collage with characters from the 70s and 80s