All them TWD headlines wrapped up in one ;)

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With ComicCon right around the corner, and therefore Season 9’s trailer I wanted to touch a few bases.
Let’s begin with what is in the news currently, and work our way down from there. Well, I will attempt to at least, some may intertwine.

Yvette Nicole Brown will not only be replacing Chris Hardwick on the TWD and Fear panels at ComicCon,

Photo by Rob Latour/REX/Shutterstock

she is now host of Talking Dead (including Fear), and a TWD Season 9 special on its way.
Her stepping in to take his place is shocking to many fans. Not because they never saw her as a good candidate, and not because they would never believe she would want the job. Many are taking to social media to blast Yvette because they feel she is not supporting Chris, that she is backstabbing him. I suspect the ratings will plummet greatly as a result of this. I for one am looking forward to watching at least the first few airings, to see how she does.




Season 9’s poster was released 

And man does it led me to so much to say, and so many questions!!!

*They are going to Washington D.C. huh?
Could the iconic Capital Building be in the poster as an homage to Eugene? Could Rick and the team be going there just to humor their hero?

That is where Eugene was trying to get to when his character made an appearance. And the place the then ‘scientist’ promise would be where the cure could be found.

I have also heard a rumor that the crew is heading to The Smithsonian. Now they followed up by saying to get gardening tools. Here’s where I’d like to squash that! With all the abandoned farms, stores, and factories, why would they be heading to a museum for hoes? Now I would say MAYBE a Horse-driven Plow, but hell let’s not forget the Amish!!!

My best guess (and I do not linger too much on any unknown when it comes to this show) is that they are heading there for schematics? Maybe another Windmill plan? Or wooden-pulley irrigation system? I for one will lose my shit if they go in there for garden rakes! js
Since Georgie is the one to have handed schematics to Maggie in the first place, perhaps she, and her crew are posted up in D.C. I also have a feeling the helicopter belongs to Georgie. And Georgie was supplying Jadis because the landfill was one hell of a hiding spot! Maybe the helicopter gets taken from her in a battle, and with Ann (formerly known as Jadis) flying, Daryl puts a dent in the Capitol Building (which will have one hell of a symbolical meaning). MEH, all speculation from the mind of an overactive, senile old lady.

NOW let’s address the state of the Capital Building in the poster!!! May I quote a dear pal of mine by saying, “What the shit!?” ???
Okay, so we do not know how much of a time jump (if one at all) has occurred. That overgrowth alone is certainly more than 2 1/2 years old (roughly how far along we were in the ZA with the end of season 8). Now the appearance of the building leaves us to wonder if it has crumbled in decay, or was there one hell of a battle inside? Well, that part isn’t at all different than what is going on in the Capital Building as we speak :/ Minus a Rocket Launcher, but I would not scratch that off the docket either. LOL!

Maggie having a flat tummy and longer hair than when we left also speculates to a time jump. This may not be the case though. In the past, the new season’s posters have hinted at what will come, as much as what will happen when the new season begins. HELL who else remembers the Rubber Ducky poster, when there was never any rubber duckies seen in that season at all?!?!

Also, Maggie’s last words in Season 8’s finale left us with the impression that she (and her gang, with Daryl and Jesus) would now go to battle with Rick. That certainly isn’t a maniacal grimace on her face or anything? Hum.

And what are she and Daryl looking up at? The Capital Building? A windmill? The helicopter?!? Rick is looking up as well but in another direction. Michonne is looking the same direction as Rick (that being symbolical enough for me). Carol, who has been ‘on the fence’ for a while, is looking yet in another direction. These looks in different directions speak volumes to me, as in our once tight group have grown even further apart, and their futures all go in different directions, then again I did mention I have an overactive imagination, could be nothing.

Speaking of the loner in the poster, Carol, she’s another one to have a different hair-do. In the poster, it looks as if we have gone back to their time in the prison. Her hair is noticeably shorter.  She has also lost the armor. And what’s with the messenger bag? Will there be a new Pony Express? :/ I may have said that jokingly. However, if there are going to be separate committees, who better to safely deliver messages and items back and forth? And even further out. I’m not implying that Rick’s and Maggie’s communities will be far apart or what not, but think about other communities throughout the states. Carol has the gusto, and brains to pull off a delivery service.

Now getting back to haircuts…..what’s up there Sarge Grimes?!??! Man, that is hella different from what we are used to! And what gives? Why buzz of the locks? I see it now, Rick says that he was such a terrible shot because grease and sweat from his bangs were running into his eyes. LMAO. I do agree that he is looking a lot like comic Rick

But enough about this poster, let’s move on to bigger gossip of Rick…..

*Supposedly the death of Rick. Now I’ve heard all the rumors, including Andrew’s contract, only has him in 6 episodes of this season, including about him dying in maybe the 3rd episode of the new season.

For one thing, calm your beach ball size lady nuts! Don’t speculate anything when it comes to this show, and what may occur off camera.
From their own mouths…..

In the past, we have had seasons that divulged a lot of time into character build-up. I see it possible for Rick to be in only 6 episode of the new season for that reason alone. NOT that I am stating for one moment that it is true that he will be in only 6 episodes, I wouldn’t shout that out if I had his contract in my hands! I seen one edited posted of ‘Old Man Rick’ where he is looking a hell of a lot like Negan. I do not know the original source so will not put it in the article. In the poster, however, Rick is looking a hell of a lot like Negan! So there ya’ have it, Rick was only signed for 6 episodes because he and Negan will submerge and become one! BOOM I said it! How about that for a ship! Rick become Nick (Negan+Rick). They can coincide :/

With all bs to the side, I am not jumping on any wagons claiming riots, or stating I will stop watching if they kill off Rick. I most certainly will continue to watch! Out of curiosity. I would want to know how the story goes on without Rick. I would want to see for myself if they can pull off a good enough -Rick plot.

*Finally, these two topics.

Yes, I have seen a few pictures of Father Gabriel. Cool new get up! Eye included! I will say, all that has changed as far as his outfit goes is the hat. Honestly. 
Yes, I have heard the gossip of Shane’s return. He’s not on the poster, so I left him for the last, as I have the least bit of information on him.  I have a feeling Shane’s appearance will be in Rick’s thoughts. Perhaps as I plan some on Judith’s future, which direction he should go. Perhaps Shane tortures Rick in his mind, as Lori once did. Rick had experiences with Shane’s ghost in the past, it was Shane as the male on the phone while they were still at the prison. Maybe a new character will look a lot like Shane, causing Rick to keep seeing his old pal. Rick did that too with someone in Woodbury.