About Us

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You want to know about us huh?

Are you asking yourself exactly just who is giving you advice on how to survive a horror movie?

What we are is a group of like-minded friends and filmmakers who sat around one night and wondered “What if?”

What if WE were stuck in a horror film?

Would we survive it? We soon realized over the course of many alcoholic drinks and horror movies in the back ground that we could point out ways to figure out that we were in a horror film and had some good ways to survive those situations too. None of us would have made it longer than a week. We decided we would make our own idea collective and run each survival ideas through a short list of questions to see if it held water. We are still doing that today.

But back to who we are. We are simply a group of friends from different backgrounds. A personal trainer, filmmakers, a couple computer geeks, a business expert, a former Navy Seal, writers, actors, and so much more! Want to know more just ask about us.