‘A Quiet Place’ Receives Praise From Stephen King

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The horror community is all abuzz about the release of a A Quiet Place this weekend, and even the master of horror himself Stephen King has chimed in. Deadline reports that the film by the former star of The Office John Krasinski should rake in over $50M by today, coming in at number one in the box office and whipping Spielberg’s Ready Player One.Jim Halpert

Not bad Halpert…not bad.

Thus far the reviews have been overpoweringly positive. Even King tweeted this on April 6th:

Krasinski’s response was exactly what we figured it would be.

…but what did arch Frienemy have to say?

The film was made on a $17M budget.  Now my math skills aren’t as strong as they used to be but it looks as if it doubled it’s production costs in opening weekend alone.   Now that the hype train is rolling there’s no telling how high it could go.  Krasinski has something very special on his hands, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what his next move is going to be.

More horror? Fingers crossed. Who would have thought?

It’s funny to me that two actors known for comedy wrote and directed two of the best horror movies to come on in a while.  Krasinski with “A Quiet Place” and Jordan Peele’s “Get Out”