3 From Hell Has Wrapped

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Rob Zombies latest film 3 From Hell has finished shooting principal photography, at least according to Otis himself Mr. Bill Mosely that is.

Another installment of the adventures through murder, mutilation, and mayhem for our beloved maniacs Otis, Baby, and Captain Spaulding.  The Terrible Threesome are the main characters in Zombie’s best works as a filmmaker 2003’s disturbed House of 1000 Corpses and the follow up 2005’s The Devil’s Rejects.

As long as he’s been making films, Rob Zombie has been a steady supply of controversy among horror fans particularly both of his Halloween films.  Franchise purists tend to hate it and fans of Zombie’s signature style love it.

But as I remember the three villainous protagonists don’t make it out of The Devil’s Rejects alive.  They go out all Thema and Louise style but with a hail of bullets all set to the legendary guitar riff of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Free Bird.” But somehow they had to make it out alive.  What we do know is that this is NOT a prequel.

The actual plot of 3 From Hell is still closely guarded and heavily under wraps, so it remains to be seen how exactly the titular trio will be resurrected. No matter what I know that I speak for millions of fans when I say that we will be very glad to see them raising hell and claiming victims once again.